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All 12 Remaklus siblings L to R Margaret, Clarence, Sr. Paulissa, Jane, Sr. Lillian, Nick, Stella, Catherine, Susann, Marcella, Emma, Mary. I believe the photo was taken at the time of their father, Adam's, death because the children came back home to Jay County, IN from many cities even as far away as Boston.
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I'm guessing the photo was taken near the time of their wedding, 1883.
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Professional photo taken late in life. This is perhaps the last photo tken of her. She died in 1943.
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A professional photograph taken late in life. He died in 1934.
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Photo is of the couple in front of their Indiana farm house.
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The notation on the back says the photo was taken on their wedding.
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Sisters picture taken in Cleveland, OH
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A beautiful child & a beautiful person. Photo taken in Cleveland, OH.
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Margaret was born December 29, 1903 and moved from the family farm in Indiana to Akron, OH where she married Louis Paul ROMESTANT on June 17, 1925.
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Grew up in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.
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Richard O'Keefe The Richards were French-Canadian for many preceeding generations
Jun 05, 2012 · posted to the photo Priscilla maiden name Richard
Richard O'Keefe The photo was probably after 1911 (age 18) & maybe closer to the date of her marriage 1913. Thanks for posting it.
Mar 02, 2005 · posted to the photo SUSANNE REMAKLUS
Richard O'Keefe The family lived in Cleveland, Ohio from 1866
Jun 08, 2003 · posted to the photo Charles Avon Blondin Family