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About: Retired public schooleducator. I research Collins, Smith, Hathaway, and Grayson.

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Robert and Howard Collins spending a lazy afternoon shooting at turtles slowing drifting by on the slow moving river. Howard and Bob are the sons of Robert Fitzsimmons and Bertha Lee Collins.
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Robert Fitzsimmons Collins strikes a boxing pose in 1920 at a studio in Bisbee, AZ. Where Bob in addition to being a professional fighter worked in the copper mine located in Bisbee. He was the son of William Collins and Cora Jane Hathaway.
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Bob Collins demonstrating his boxing stance during the summer of 1935. His father, Robert Fitzsimmons Collins, was a professional fighter of some repute. His mother, Bertha Lee Collins, on the other hand never had on a pair of boxing gloves.
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Bob and Howard Collins showing off their new BB guns at Perris, CA on Christmas day 1936. They boys are the sons of Robert Fitzsimmon Collins and Bertha Lee Smith.
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Jim Reed and Ruth Ann Collins, who were soon to be married, enjoy a buggy ride on a cool Sunday afternoon. Ruth Ann was the daughter of William Collins and Cora Jane Hathaway
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The boy is Bob Collins, son of Robert Fitzsimmons Collins and Bertha Smith. The uniform was the one in use during the time just before WWII. The scout troop was 345 which was dropped when the scoutmaster was drafted. The car was not the family car, we owned a 1937 Chevrolet swhich Dad put on blocks and it sat out the war in our garage.
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Cora Jane was born in Illinois on 7 Sep 1870. Father Josiah Hathaway and mother Temperence Howard were from TN. Cora Jane married William Collins in 1889, then Jesse Millard in the 1900s.
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Robert Lee and Howard Franklin Collins childre of Robert Fitzsimmons and Bertha Smith Collins. Father was working on Boulder Dam now named Hoover Dam.
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A group of miners and their wives take a day off. Bertha Smith fifth from left, Bob Collins is on the right end of the line.
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Robert Collins Loreeta Smith Adams' brother, George William Smith bought the old family home place, which was first bought by John and Telitha Smith some of which was bought from the Heavin family which was probably Roseanna's family. Loreeta's e-mail address is Bob Collins
Nov 01, 2005 · posted to the photo William "Silas" Smith
Robert Collins The lady in the picture captioned as Grandma Smith & Family was William Smith's second wife Roseanna Havins Smith and four of their six children. William Smith was the son of John (Jonathan) Smith of Phelps Co, MO. William was my Greatgrandfather. Robert Collins
Mar 15, 2005 · posted to the photo Grandma Smith & Family
Robert Collins Hi Mary Smith My name is Robert Collins, my mother was Bertha Lee Smith, James Smith is my granduncle, and Noami Brown of course is also in my family tree. The only contemporary Mary Smith I find in my genealogy is Mary Lou Smith, could this be you? In any case it is nice to have family members remembering their ancestors. Robert Collins
Mar 02, 2005 · posted to the photo Gone But Not Forgotten
Robert Collins Dear Debby I sometimes act like an idot. I had downloaded pictures of your mother, my grandmother, and sister Darlene, and didn't realize it. Your mother and I were born within a week of each other in Commerce. Does she know me, or Darlene? Bob
Oct 01, 2004 · posted to the photo John Smith
Robert Collins My grandmother's name was Cora Jane Hathaway, born in Illinois, but fmily home site was in Tennessee. Grace Hathaway migrated to Vinita, Cora Jane to Picher. Robert Collins
Sep 30, 2004 · posted to the photo George & Grace Hathaway Dodd