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Robert Patrick HISTORY OF THE McKEEVER, CAMPBELL, AND CRAWFORD FAMILIES OF IRELAND & SCOTLAND & PIERCE COUNTY, WISCONSIN Compiled by Robert E. Patrick, Sr., Marion Mickelsen-McKeever, Irma McKeever-Harlow and many other McKeever and Crawford descendants. Some excerpts were taken from Marion Mickelsen McKeever’s “McKeever Family History” dated January 15, 1975 and from Irma McKeever Harlow’s “McKeever Family History” dated October 1977. McKeever family history information was also found in, “A History of Prescott, Wisconsin” by Dorothy Ahlgren and Mary Beeler, published by the Prescott Area Historical Society in 1996, Second Printing in 1997. Last updated April 2004 Our earliest research efforts lead us back to John Campbell-McKeever who was born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland on August 10, 1838. He was the son of William Campbell and Mary Margaret Paul-Campbell. William Campbell and Margaret Paul were married June 15, 1833 in the Parish Church of Gorbals, Glasgow, Lanark County, Scotland. Their children were John Campbell, James Campbell, Mary Ann Campbell, and Agnes Campbell. The children all immigrated to the United States and all settled in the Albany, NY and Boston, MA areas. James Campbell (unknown if he ever married) settled in Chicopee, Hampden Co., MA or the Boston, MA area. From his photos and family stories, it appears as if James Campbell was a door to door pot and pan salesman. Mary Ann Campbell married a Mr. McBride and had a daughter Mary Ann McBride (who taught school) and settled near Boston, MA. The Mary Ann McBride also reportedly grew an apple orchard on the land where they lived. Agnes Campbell married a Mr. James Andrews and then a Mr. DuBois. Mr. and Mrs. Agnes DuBois lived in the Albany, NY area. There are various stories about how the name John Campbell was changed to John McKeever. The most common story was one about a young John Campbell who got himself in trouble at school in Glasgow, Scotland. It was stated that John and another boy had beat up a school teacher and thought they had seriously hurt him. John Campbell left and went to Ireland to live with people named McKeever. This by some accounts was his Grandparents and if so, would possibly have been the McKeever’s on his Mothers side. It was also reported that Johns Grandfather McKeever was off fighting some Irish War at this time. While living with them John Campbell took the Surname of McKeever and used it as his own. While in Ireland, John married Margaret Ann Mullen. This marriage took place in about 1857-1858 in County Antrim, North Ireland. Margaret Ann Mullen was thought to be born on October 23, 1840 in Ballyharvey, Killead, County Antrim, Ireland. Their first born was a son that they named John McKeever, Jr. He was born March 22, 1859 in County Antrim, North Ireland. Next was James McKeever born on December 18, 1861 in County Antrim, North Ireland. The third child was Robert McKeever born in February 1863 in County Antrim, North Ireland. The first daughter was Nancy McKeever born on April 24, 1865 in County Antrim, North Ireland. John Campbell-McKeever Immigration John McKeever first traveled to the United States alone on the S. S. Minnehaha. John McKeever arrived in the Port of New York on May 18, 1864 at the age of 24. He is listed as a steerage passenger on the ships manifest. He had departed from Londonderry, Northern Ireland on the S.S. Minnehaha. John’s ship passenger record is shown on the New York Passenger Lists, 1851-1891 on the National Archives microfilm, M237, rolls 95-580 on roll #240, list #395, Line 48. Margaret McKeever and the four children, immigrated the next year. Margaret and the children arrived in the Port of New York on December 4, 1865 on the S. S. Kangaroo from Queenstown, Ireland. They are shown on manifest as: Marg. McKeever age 24, John McKeever age 6, Robert McKeever age 2, James McKeever age 4, and Mary McKeever, infant child. This passenger arrival is recorded in the National Archives Microfilms of the New York Passenger Lists, 1851-1891. This passenger list does not list Nancy McKeever and I am at a loss as to why the discrepancy. Mary was not born yet and Nancy would have been an infant child at that time. Possibly John and Margaret had named her Nancy Marie and called her Mary as an infant. The John McKeever family first settled near Waukesha, Wisconsin and then they moved to Trimbelle, Pierce County, Wisconsin. Trimbelle is a small town South of River Falls and West of Ellsworth, Wisconsin. John McKeever bought some land 2 miles NW of Trimbelle, Pierce County, WI with lots of timber on it. The 1870 Pierce County Tax Rolls show 40 acres in Trimbelle Township at SW1/4 of SW1/4 - Section 8 - Town 26 - Range 18 West. He built a log house here and cleared the land for farming. The family lived here until they lost the farm to multiple locust infestations. There was reportedly a two year infestation where everything was lost and the bank foreclosed on the farm. The McKeever family moved one mile North of River Falls, Wisconsin and rented the Marshall Farm. This was probably just into St. Croix County in Troy Township, Wisconsin. Margaret McKeever gave birth to nine children. She had asthma very bad. It was said that she was combing her hair to go to church and just fell back dead. Another report was that she was churning butter and was not feeling well and went to lie down while one of the girls finished and she never woke up. She died on January 10, 1892 in Prescott, Pierce Co., WI. She was buried Big River Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Section 1 of Oak Grove Township, Pierce County, Wisconsin. The Big River Presbyterian Church is gone and the cemetery was abandoned long ago and the area is overgrown with trees and brush. There are few headstones left in the cemetery and the burial records have been partially lost. None of the cemetery records or headstones have been located for Margaret, Isabella, or John McKeever. John and Isabella McKeever’s death certificates and funeral notices all indicate burial at the Big River Presbyterian Cemetery. Perhaps Margaret Mullen-McKeever’s parents came to Wisconsin about the same time as the John McKeever family. It is known that her mother Jane Mullen and brothers Sam and James lived not too far away ( adjoining land to the West). *Names are shown on old Plat Map dated 1877 for Trimbelle Twp., Pierce County, Wisconsin. James Mullen owned 40 acres in Trimbelle Twp. in Section 7 - Town 26 - Range 18 West. Margaret’s brother Sam Mullen had a wife named Mary Jane and they had six children. Brother James Mullen’s wife was Eliza Malone-Mullen and they had three children. Sam Mullen, James Mullen and Eliza Mullen all died of Tuberculosis about 1879 to 1880. All are buried in the abandoned “Big River Presbyterian Cemetery” in Oak Grove Township (T26N-R19W Sec 1) in Pierce County, Wisconsin. After their death an old maid Aunt took the three girls, Mary, Agnes and Annie Mullen and raised them. Mary Mullen married a Mr. James Leach, Agnes married a Mr. Gadbois, and Annie Mullen married a Mr. David Grey. Sam Mullen had three girls and three boys. Margaret Mullen married a Mr. Bill Ray, Jane Mullen married a Mr. Miller. Reportedly the rest of the Mullen’s left to make their homes in Spokane, Washington and nothing else is known about them. Jane Mullen lived on and off with her children at the last. She was reportedly a hard boiled kind, and she longed for the ways of Ireland. She didn’t think anything in this country was done right. As recently as 1941 there was listings in the Oak Grove Twp. Plat Map for Pierce County, WI showing land in Sections 3 and 10 as belonging to the heirs of Mary Mullen and the 1877 maps show this land belonging to S. Mullen. This is probably Sam Mullen. In the family records there is a photo of James Campbell sitting on a horse drawn wagon. The photo was reportedly brought back from Boston when John went East to visit about 1902. He went to visit his brother James in Boston, a sister Mary Ann McBride who had a daughter, Mary Ann who was a teacher in Boston and his other sister Agnes Dubois who had first been married to a James Andrews. She had no children. Mr. and Mrs. Dubois lived in Albany, NY. John McKeever stayed until just after Christmas and came home with gifts from the relatives and ten barrels of apples. The preceding photograph (right) shows John McKeever sitting in a rocking chair in the yard. Mildred McKeever stated that it was John (her father) waiting to go to church. The photo was taken by Alice Soice when she and Will McKeever were courting. This was thought to be about 1902. The photo was taken at the farm in Trimbelle, WI on 40 acres of timber. John had cut the timber and built the home and then he cut wood and hauled it to Prescott, WI to sell. Most of the children from the first family were born in this house. The John McKeever family moved to Prescott, Wisconsin in 1908. John McKeever died March 27, 1913 in Prescott, WI at 76 years, 7 months and 17 days old. The funeral was held in the United Church of Christ Church at 206 Locust Street North in Prescott, Wisconsin. John McKeever was buried at Big River Cemetery West of Ellsworth, WI in Section 1 of Oak Grove Township. No headstone has been located for John or either of his wives, Margaret Mullen-McKeever or Isabell McCaughey-McKeever. On April 24, 2004, a Boy Scout named Ian Johnson from River Falls, WI took on a cemetery cleanup project at The Big River Presbyterian Cemetery. The grounds and trees were cleaned up by a group of about 30 local volunteers. The brush pile limbs are going to be chipped up to make a walking path from the roadway to the cemetery. A large wooden sign and archway were installed at the start of the footpath. We found one headstone for James S. Mullen, but no McKeever grave markers were located. Many graves are unmarked and many headstones have slipped into the ground or have disappeared The children from the first marriage were John, Jr., James, Robert, Nancy, Mary, Margaret, Matthew, William “Willie”, and Harvey McKeever. JOHN McKeever, Jr. - John McKeever was born March 22, 1859 in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. John was only 6 years old when he immigrated with his mother, Margaret and two brothers and sister to the United States. They arrived in New York City on December 4, 1865 on the S.S. Kangaroo from Queenstown, Ireland. John Mckeever married Mariah Alice Thompson in Pierce County, Wisconsin on May 1, 1895. They lived in Spring Valley, Pierce County, Wisconsin. John owned a Feed Mill/Grain Grinding business in Spring Valley, WI. They had twins but both died at birth on February 15, 1903. There were no other children. John had also been the Postmaster at Waverly, El Paso Twp., WI for a time. John McKeever died November 25, 1939 at the Rollie Traynor Farm near Gilman, Pierce Co., WI. John is buried in the Poplar Hill Cemetery at Rock Elm next to his wife, Maria. Maria Thompson-McKeever had died in 1931. Johns Obituary appeared in the Spring Valley Sun Newspaper in December 7, 1939. John McKeever was visited frequently by his half-brother Walt McKeever and niece Gloria McKeever. John McKeever had made out a will that left his wedding ring to Gloria Francis McKeever and she wore it frequently. Gloria was wearing the ring one day in Wanamingo, MN when some older boys took the ring away from her. She tried many times to recover the ring with no success. JAMES McKeever - Born in County Antrim, Northern Ireland on December 18, 1861. James was only 4 when he arrived in New York City from Queenstown, Ireland. James McKeever was located on the July 1880 US Census and was listed as a Servant (age 18) for the William & Sabra Staples family in River Falls, WI. He married Mary “Mamie” H. Filkins February 13, 1889 in Oak Grove Twp., Pierce County WI. She was always in a wheel chair, crippled from rheumatism. James and Mary moved to North Dakota about 1890 or 1891. They had five boys, Clarence J. McKeever on July 26, 1890, Lee Chester on August 24, 1892, Glenn McKeever on May 27, 1895, Daniel Henry McKeever was born June 7, 1898 and Jesse McKeever on June 5, 1902. The family lived on a farm near Thompson, Grand Forks County, ND. James reportedly could tell the best stories. Clarence used to work for Irma McKeever’s Dad and he later married Frances Filkins about 1916. Clarence and Frances lived in Bowesmont, ND where he had a pool hall. Clarence and his wife Frances died in October and November 1918 in a Flu epidemic. They had no children. Lee Chester McKeever married Magdalena “Lena” Holweger on June 24, 1920. Their children were Eleanor Gladys, Delores Francis, Gordon Duane and Vernon John McKeever. Lee died in June 11th 1973 in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Glenn McKeever married Mildred Anna Kristine Ellefson on October 15, 1929 in Thompson, Grand Forks, ND. Their children were Ralph Thomas, Glendon James, Noel Ray and Elaine Josephine McKeever. Glen passed away December 7, 1954 in Middle River, Marshall County, MN and is buried in the cemetery of the First Lutheran Church of Middle River.. Daniel Henry McKeever married Mary Rose Nikle in 1919 in Grand Forks, ND. Mary Rose McKeever died March 6, 1937. Their children were Dorthea Mae, Inez, Daniel Henry, Jr., Rose Ellen, Ione, and Betty Joyce McKeever. Dan passed away February 21, 1955 in Pennington County, MN. Jesse McKeever was married to Minnie Marie Laurman on June 29, 1941 in Crookston, MN. Jesse and Minnie had no children. Jesse McKeever died on September 15, 1979 at Northwood, Grand Forks County, ND. He and his wife are buried in the Thompson (Protestant) Cemetery in Walle Twp., Grand Forks, ND. Mamie McKeever passed away in August 1932. James McKeever passed away in December of 1934 in Thompson, ND. Both are buried in the Thompson (Protestant) Cemetery in Walle Twp., Grand Forks Co., ND. ROBERT McKeever - Born in February 1863 in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Robert McKeever was only 2 years old when he traveled to New York City from Queenstown, Ireland with his mother, two brothers, and sister. He arrived with them on December 4, 1865 on the S.S. Kangaroo. Robert McKeever married Mary Keefe about 1886. Mary Keefe was born in September of 1861 in Illinois. They had no children and lived in Duluth, St. Louis Co., MN prior to Robert’s death. He died on September 29,1907 in Duluth, St. Louis Co., MN. Robert was buried October 1, 1907 in the Oneota Cemetery, 6403 Highland Street in Duluth, MN. Robert’s grave has no headstone and is located in Section L, Block 5, Grave #472. Robert McKeever had a livery stable in Duluth, MN and later went on to become a Dock Foreman at the Duluth Shipyards. Aunt Mary McKeever used to come and spend summers with the North Dakota McKeever’s even after Robert had died. She was a real lady and came from a wealthy family. Mary Keefe-McKeever is buried in the Calvary Cemetery at 4820 Howard Gnesen Road, Duluth, MN. Not much is known about Robert and his wife, Mary. It is hoped that other family members will help gather some details. NANCY McKeever - She was born on April 24, 1865 in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Nancy was only an infant when she traveled from Ireland to New York City on the S. S. Kangaroo. She is listed as Mary McKeever on the passenger manifest dated December 4, 1865. It is unknown how the name got listed as Mary rather than Nancy. Eighteen years later, Nancy McKeever married Lincoln J. McLaughlin on April 26, 1893. They were married in Pierce Co., Wisconsin at the Baptist Parsonage in River Falls. They were only married two years when Lincoln McLaughlin died. Nancy McKeever moved to North Dakota and met and married Abraham Abel “Abe” Cryderman about 1901. They had two daughters: Ethel Margaret Cryderman and Amy Frances Cryderman. Ethel Cryderman met and was married to Edgar Arnold Falos of Grand Forks, ND and they had four boys, Donald Eugene, Edgar Ames, Frances Gerold in 1932, who died one year later, and Robert Dale and another daughter, Gloria Joan Falos. Ethel passed away July 5, 1991 in Larimore, ND. Amy Cryderman met and married Dominic M. Stellon and they lived in Bowesmont, Pembina Co., ND. They farmed there and had four daughters: Nancy Maria, Joyce Ethel, Frances Joan, and Ruth Ida and one son, Leo Domenic Stellon. Amy Cryderman-Stellon died of Cancer on February 21, 1945. Nancy Cryderman died March 30, 1937 in Bowesmont, Pembina Co., ND and Abe Cryderman died January 1, 1946 in Bowesmont, Pembina Co., ND. It is unknown as to where Nancy and Abe Cryderman are buried. MARY McKeever - Born in June 2, 1868 in Trimbelle, Pierce County, Wisconsin. Mary McKeever was crippled all of her life. It was told that John McKeever had an Ox Cart and was hauling a load of wheat to town. The cart got to close to the edge of the road and tipped over. Margaret McKeever was sitting on the wheat and when she fell the sacks came down on top of her. Margaret was pregnant with Mary and this caused Mary to be born with a curved spine which made one leg longer than the other and her left elbow to come in towards her breast. She was not crippled in mind and was an inspiration for the rest of the family. Mary was a real good Christian and a good pattern to follow. She was smart and read many books and also memorized much of the Bible. The kids would take her for rides in the wheel chair and also get help putting her in the buggy and take her for rides. Isabella (Stepmother) was very good to her and treated her as her own. Mary McKeever died March 4, 1917 just one month after her Stepmother, Isabella. She knew her home was gone and Father, Mother and Stepmother were all gone and she was just broken up by their passing. Mary had moved to Spooner, WI to live with her brother, Harvey Ward McKeever and his family. Mary McKeever’s obituary in the Spooner Newspaper, states that she was brought to Lakeview Cemetery in Hertel for burial. Lakeview Cemetery was checked and Mary’s grave location has not been found. There is a shallow depression in the ground next to the grave of Alice May SoiceMcKeever at the Lakeview Cemetery. This could be Mary McKeever’s grave with no marker. Mildred once wrote that Mary had the most beautiful curly hair and that none of the other kids had such hair. Mary never went to school but was very smart and had a excellent memory. She could use her right hand but not her left and they used to put a pillow between her elbow and body to cushion her body. The younger children believed everything Mary told them. What Mary said was law to the kids. Mildred said that Mary and Isabella were about the same age. MARGARET “Maggie” McKeever - Margaret McKeever was born in 1871 in Trimbelle, Pierce Co., WI and married James Albert Cryderman on April 5, 1901. James is the brother of Abe Cryderman who married Nancy McKeever. Maggie and James lived in Baldwin, Ontario, Canada. They had two sons, Clayton Harvey and Johnson ”Jonsey”. Irma Harlow could remember Maggie visiting at them Bowesmont, ND. Clayton married Florence Warren in 1936 and they had a son, Bruce Warren Cryderman, who was born February 13, 1942. Their son Bruce Cryderman is in the ministry and lives in New Market, Ontario, Canada. Clayton died on August 24, 1967 in New Market, Ontario, Canada. Johnson “Jonsey” married Evelyn Dow about 1945 and they had one daughter, Margaret Ann Cryderman in 1946 in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. Margaret married Anthony Mitchell and they have two children. A daughter Johanna Mitchell, born about 1977 and a son named Andrew Mitchell, born in April 1978. The Mitchells are thought to be living somewhere in Ontario, Canada. Maggie McKeever-Cryderman died in 1938 and Johnson died in 1990. They both died in Ontario, Canada MATTHEW McKeever - Matthew McKeever was born November 6, 1872 in Trimbelle, Pierce Co.,WI. Matt married Jennie Esther Dunseath on July 5, 1899 in Trimbelle, Pierce Co., WI or Hastings, Dakota Co., MN. Jennie Dunseath was also from Pierce County, Wisconsin. They lived in Duluth for a few years where Matt was a engineer in a saw mill. They had a son Raymond born there July 25, 1890 but he died at birth. The family moved to North Dakota about 1907. They had two daughters and one son, Irma Marian, Verna Jamesetta and Matthew “Marvin”. Matt died September 2, 1930 in Bowesmont, Pembina Co., ND. Jennie Dunseath-Mckeever died in a automobile accident in Red Wing, MN on August 30, 1957. Matt and Jennie are both buried in the Hamilton Cemetery at Hamilton, Pembina County, ND. Mrs. Matt “Jennie” McKeever is mentioned on Pages 151 of a local history book, "Heritage 76" Pembina County, ND - Then and Now by Ronald L. Baker. Mr. Matthew McKeever is mentioned on page 152 in "Fondly We Remember: A History of Hamilton, Carlisle & Grasston Communities" published in 1980. Irma McKeever was born June 10th 1906 at her grandmother’s house in River Falls, WI. Irma married Theodore Harlow on August 1, 1928. They had the following children: Mary Beth, who died at birth July 25, 1933, Gerald Theodore who was born March 6, 1935 . Gerald lived in Cavalier and married Marjorie Rae Cox on April 5, 1953. Gerald and Marjorie have three children, Marvette Renae, Rodney Theodore, and William Corey Harlow. Irma and Theodore also had two more boys who died at birth. They were John Harlow on January 3, 1945 and William Harlow on May 18, 1949. Verna Jamesetta McKeever was born May 19, 1909 in Bowesmont, ND and married James Albert Wells on March 22, 1926 in Warren, Marshall Co., MN. They had two sons and two daughters named- Ronald Arvin Wells, Shirley Rae Wells, Dean Eldon Wells and Charlene LouAnne Wells. Verna McKeever-Wells passed away on October 11, 1970 in Drayton, Pembina Co.,ND. Matthew “Marvin” McKeever was born October 30, 1918 in Grafton, Walsh Co., ND and married Gladys Lois Smith on May 22, 1943 in Warren, Marshall Co., MN. Matthew Marvin and Gladys lived in Hamilton, ND where he was the Postmaster. Matthew retired after 30 years and his wife, Gladys McKeever took the job. They have two sons and two daughters. Richard Darryl, Barbara Jean, Marjorie Lucille and Dennis Marvin WILLIAM “Willie” Henry McKeever was born October 5, 1875 in Trimbelle, Pierce Co., WI. Willie grew up around River Falls, Wisconsin. He married Alice Mae Soice on November 9, 1904 in the Wesley M.E. Church in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN. Alice was raised on a farm outside Chaska in Carver County, Minnesota. Willie and Alice had a daughter Lora Mae and a son Fay Soice McKeever. Fay worked at Hedstroms Lumber Mill in Grand Marais, MN and was a veteran of WWII. After going through (Battle of the Buldge & D-Day) WW II, he was accidently shot and killed by a trapping partner near Flour Lake in Cook County, MN. It was a hunting accident on Thanksgiving weekend of November 30, 1947. Fay and a old fellow were running a trapline and checking their traps. One checking some traps and then meeting up and so on. His partner thought that Fay was a Red Fox (was wearing red & black striped coat) and shot. Lora had gone to live in Minneapolis to visit her Aunts (Mothers Sisters). She stayed on with them and went to high school there. She met and married Roe Louis Marvin Clark on February 14, 1931 in Minneapolis, MN. During the War they moved to Kenyon, MN and started their own hardware store. Roe had worked for Clark Hardware in Minneapolis. Roe had come from Iowa, his Dad and Brother both being in the jewelry business. Lora and Roe had one child, Marvin Altyn Roe Clark on September 2, 1933 and he married Margaret Grace Malmberg. Roe Clark was in the hardware business. Willie and Alice McKeever lived on a farm near Hertel, WI when she gave birth to twins, Roger Clark and Rodney Earl McKeever on January 12, 1916. She died two days after giving birth and is buried in Lakeview Cemetery with Mary McKeever. Lakeview Cemetery is across the road from the Methodist Church South of Hertel, Wisconsin. The cemetery was visited in the summer of 2003 and the headstone of Alice Soice McKeever was located. No grave marker was found for Mary McKeever. The McKeever house was just West of the cemetery about 1/4 mile. The house was still standing in the 1970's but no windows. Lora McKeever-Clark stated that this was the house and pointed out the green roofing paper covering it. Lora also knew the location of the graves and said that they were near two tall evergreens up near the northeast corner of the cemetery. Ivy Viola Ghoslin took care of the twins Rodney and Roger after their mother died. Willie married Ivy Viola Ghoslin on March 17, 1918 in Dewey Twp., Lakeview, Burnett Co., WI. Ivy and her mother lived together in Hertel, WI before she married Willie. They lived just south of the church. Ivy’s brother Vernon and wife Gladys lived in part of the Ghoslin house. Rodney Earl married Mary Louise “Corrine” Brisson on November 7, 1938 in Duluth, MN. They lived in Grand Marais, MN for many years and never had any children but dearly loved to entertain and prepare meals for visitors. Corrine died November 9, 1987. Rodney McKeever passed away February 17, 1990. Roger Clark McKeever married Marion Christine Mickelsen in 1940 and they also lived on the North shore (Schroeder)of Lake Superior. Roger and Marion had one son, Roger William “Bill” McKeever. Roger and his son Bill McKeever owns and operates “McKeever Well Drilling”. “Bill” McKeever married Marion Ann Wojtysiak of Hovland, MN and they had the following children: Kenneth Allen November 5, 1963, Kathleen on November 1, 1964 but she died 2 days later, and Donald Gene McKeever on July 25, 1966. Both Kenneth and Donald have married and each have children. Willie McKeever and Ivy Ghoslin had three girls, Edith Laverne, Merieta Eloy, and Iris Adeline McKeever. Edith married Clarence Mickelsen ( a brother of Marion Mickelsen-McKeever) on February 15, 1943 in Duluth, MN. Their children are Myrna Lorraine, Joan Marie, Peggy Diane, and Russell Adrian Mickelsen. All of the Mickelsen children have married. Merieta married Lester Engel on December 25, 1941 in Grand Marais, MN. Their children are Sherri Fay who married Chester Lindskog and Donna Jean Engel who married Joe Griffin. Lester Engel died on March 30, 1967 in Duluth, MN. Merieta Eloy then married Robert Altrichter on June 7, 1971 in Jamestown, ND. Iris Adeline McKeever married John William Parrott on April 26, 1946 in Grand Marais, MN. Their children are John Russell, Steven Lee, William Denton, Sandra Lynn, David Bruce, and Bridget Marie Parrott. All of the Parrott children have gotten married. Ivy died October 29, 1965 in Grand Marais, MN and Willie McKeever died January 18, 1955 in Grand Marais, MN. Their last years were spent living in Rodney and Corrines cabin. That is where Willie died of a stroke, being well all the time and up around until that hit him. He died there perhaps a week later. Grandma Ivy stayed there for awhile then she spent some time with each of the kids. After a while she went to the nursing home in Two Harbors and then the new home opened in Grand Marais and she got in there. She had an operation for cancer in the pancreas in June of 1965 but that was no help. She lived until late October 1965 and died in the hospital in Grand Marais, MN. Willie, Ivy, Fay, and Ivy’s Mother are all buried in the Poplar Grove Cemetery on top of the hill West on Hwy. 61 from Grand Marais, MN. HARVEY Ward McKeever - Born February 28, 1883 in Trimbelle Township, Pierce Co., Wisconsin. Harvey was the youngest of the nine children in the first family and was only 12 when his mother died. Harvey grew up and married Mary Margaret Rasmus of Ellsworth, WI on May 12, 1903 in Hudson, WI. Mary Margaret Rasmus was born July 24, 1877 and is the sister of William Martin Rasmus of Ellsworth, WI. William Martin Rasmus had already married Mary Jane McCaughey, the sister of Isabella McCaughey (2nd Wife of John McKeever). Harvey and Mary McKeever had three boys, Donald John, Howard Curtis and Garnett “Tim” Rodney McKeever. Donald married Lila Harris and then Beatrice Grevoy and he died on October 14, 1956 and was buried in Spooner, WI. Donald’s mother Mary lived with him for a while. Mary Rasmus-McKeever died in Rockford, Illinois October 1, 1976 at the age of 100. Mary McKeever was buried in the Spooner Cemetery, Spooner, Wisconsin. Howard McKeever married Mildred Wingler on May 7, 1932, and he died April 30, 1973 in Love’s Park, IL, and is also buried in Spooner, WI. Howard’s children were Cleo, Helen and Robert. Garnett “Tim” Rodney was married to Harriette Susee on November 4, 1930. “Tim” and Harriette had two daughters named Patricia and Marjorie Susee and had one infant son that died at birth in 1931. “Tim” and Harriette had a hardware store in Pelican Rapids, MN, but now live in Hillsboro, Oregon. Irma McKeever-Harlow wrote that Harvey McKeever’s family had lived on two different farms near Irma’s parents near Bowesmont, ND. She said that Uncle Harvey wasn’t cut out to be a farmer and the Harvey and family moved back to Wisconsin. In 1917, Harvey McKeever became a policeman in Spooner, Wisconsin. We have located a number of photos of Harvey in his police uniform and standing by his police car in Spooner, WI. Harvey died May 26, 1947, in the Shell Lake Hospital, Shell Lake, Wisconsin. He was buried May 30, 1947 in the Spooner Cemetery, City of Spooner, Wasburn Co.,WI. ADDITIONAL STORIES BY IRMA M. MCKEEVER-HARLOW *Dated October 1977 In February 1907, Dad (Ted Harlow) brought Mother and me to North Dakota. We got off the train in Pittsburg greeted by huge snow drifts, so I was told. Uncle Abe Cryderman met us with a team and bobsled. The first year my folks worked for a man on a farm SW of Bowesmont, ND. The next year Rev. J.G. Moore, a Methodist minister bought the farm and Dad rented from him until the fall of 1917. Dad always had a threshing rig and did threshing for the neighbors. I can still see and smell the huge steam engine. How excited Verna and I were when it came time to thresh. All the hurrying around, getting the cook car ready and stocked and getting the engine steamed. I remember one time we had a huge pile of coal in the yard like a small mountain. Mostly, the engine was fired with straw. We always got to eat in the cook car when they threshed at home, cause we were the boss’s kids. When the fall run was completed, the engineer tied the whistle open and whistled all the way home. There was a certain code about the whistle: like two blasts for the water tank to hurry and three for the grain haulers. We had many happy times on the Moore farm. We had our own pony, named Daisy, that we drove to school and out to pick wild flowers on the prairie. From that farm we moved to the edge of Bowesmont, ND to a farm known as the Brethhearst Farm. There was a huge roomy house and in it’s time must have been real elegant. Marvin McKeever was born while we lived there. From there we moved NW of Bowesmont, ND to the Littlejohn Farm, and after five years we moved to a farm near Hamilton. They had a couple more moves near Hamilton and that is where Dad (Matt McKeever) died of a heart attack on September 2, 1930. He had been cutting flax and after taking care of the horses, he and Marvin were on their way into the house for supper. Dad (Matt) fell and died almost at once. He had a bad heart and asthma all his life. This was a shattering experience to us kids as this was the first death that affected us personally. After a sale, Mother bought a small house in Hamilton where she lived until 1944 when she came to Drayton, ND. She worked for awhile and then spent time with her kids. In the late summer of 1957, she and Mary Wells and Debbie went to River Falls, WI to visit her sisters. They were coming from Red Wing, MN with mother’s sister Nannie and her son, Albert, when they had a car accident. Mother and Aunt Nannie were killed. Mary was hurt and Albert was hurt quite badly, but Debbie only had scratches. My Dad, Mother and Verna are all buried in the Hamilton, ND Cemetery. Some of the McKeever Second Family I have seen. Watt McKeever used to work for Dad and since Ted and I were married, he has come to visit. The last time he was here was in 1967. His Daughter, Gloria McKeever-Patrick brought him. He died soon after at the University of Minnesota Hospital. Grandpa John McKeever died in March of 1913. I remember my Dad going back to River Falls, WI for the funeral. Verna and I had the measles. We were delighted when Dad brought his half-brother George back with him. George was the brother we always wanted. Most of the children were taken in by relatives to raise (Mildred took younger ones to Sioux City, IA, Walt went to Dave Crawfords in Luck, WI, ). George stayed with us for four years, but eventually all the children returned to their mother and home in Wisconsin and then went out on their own. Grandpa John McKeever was a very religious man and it wasn’t his fault if his children didn’t know the Bible and it’s teachings. When Grandpa came to visit us he would fill the pulpit in the Presbyterian Church. I can remember him as a very kind, but fun loving person with a lot of white hair and whiskers and a booming voice and laugh. This is my thumbnail sketch of the ancestors on the McKeever side. I only wish I had asked more questions when there was someone to give me the answers. *Written by Irma Marian McKeever-Harlow (Daughter of Matt & Jennie McKeever) sometime in October 1977 "Fondly We Remember" A History of Hamilton, Carlisle & Glasston Communities, North Dakota - January 1980 McKeever Family History, by Matthew Marvin McKeever - Pages 152 & 153 Matthew and Jennie McKeever, my dad and mother, came to Pembina County, ND from Trimbelle, Wisc., and settled in the Bowesmont community in the early 1900's. They lived on Rev. J.G. Moore's farm for 14 years. My dad also custom threshed with a big steam threshing rig of which I have many fond memories as a young boy. In 1925, we moved to the Hamilton community to the Dan Warner farm northwest of town, We lived on a farm until the fall of 1930 when my dad passed away. My mother then bought the McDermott place in town across from the school. I had two sisters, both older than me, Irma and Verna. Irma married Theodore Harlow of Drayton, ND where they still make their home. They have on son, Gerald, of Cavalier, ND. Verna married James Wells and lived in Hamilton until 1943, when they moved to Drayton. Verna passed away in 1970. They had four children: Ronald, Shirley, Dean and Charlene. Ronald is married and lives in Kokomo, Indiana. Shirley (Mrs. Glen Allen) lives in Drayton. Dean lives in Santa Paula, Calif., and Charlene (Mrs. Carl Van Camp) lives in Drayton. I was about seven years old when we came to Hamilton, ND. I remember I was in the third grade. The school was only a year or so old and one of the first teachers I had was Marvel Zaiser Argue. After graduating from high school, I spent a summer in the CCC camp in Montana. I attended Valley City Teacher's College the fall of 1938 and spring of 1939. Shortly after, I started working for the Agriculture Adjustment Association in Cavalier, ND which is the same as the ASC now. I worked there until 1943. In 1943, I was appointed Postmaster succeeding Harold J. Rock, who was leaving to work on the Alcan Highway. The first eleven years the post office was in the Rock Building on the west end of Main Street. It was then moved to the east side of the Rowe and Knutson Hardware Building until 1972, when the Men's Civic Club built a new building for a post office and cafe. After spending a little over two years in the new building and 31 years in all, I decided to retire. I guess I couldn't stand to work where my feet were always warm and the wind wasn't whirling around my neck. I enjoyed the years I served as Postmaster. In 1943, I married Gladys Smith of Buffalo. Gladys was then teaching in Hamilton, ND. We have four children, Richard, Barbara, Marjorie and Dennes. Richard graduated from Wahpeton State School of Science and is working for Twin Port Testing at Duluth, Minn. He is married to Gene Johnson of Hamilton and they have five children: Stefanie, Mark, Jenny, Matthew and Joshua. Barbara married Tim Stafslien of Warren, Minn., and lives in Whitethorn, Calif. They have three children, Ona, Jebadiah and Sammy. Marjorie graduated in May this year (78) from NDSU at Fargo. In June, she was married to Michael Axt of McClusky, where they will make their home. Dennes is attending NDSU at Fargo where he is majoring in Wildlife Management. Since my retirement, Dennes and I have taken care of the Cavalier Golf Course. Gladys is now the Postmaster, taking over after my retirement. Submitted by Marvin McKeever *Photos included with the McKeever article were: Ronald (Specks) Wells, Mrs. Jennie McKeever, and the Richard & Gene McKeever Family. ISABELLA McCaughey - Crawford - John McKeever’s second wife was Isabella McCaughey-Crawford. Isabella McCaughey was born on January 25, 1865 in Ballynafie, Portglenone, County Antrim, Ireland. She was the daughter of George McCaughey and Mary Jane Simpson-McCaughey. George McCaughey was a Weaver by profession and had been born in 1837 in Adelaide, South Australia. His parents were Samuel W. and Eliza McCaughey, who lived in South Australia from about 1835 until 1846. Isabella’s sister is Mary Jane McCaughey of Ellsworth, WI, who married William Martin Rasmus, a farmer in Ellsworth, Pierce Co., WI. THE SECOND FAMILY OF JOHN CAMPBELL-MCKEEVER (Wife: Isabella McCaughey-Crawford) Isabella McCaughey was married first to James Paul Crawford in County Antrim, Ireland. They had one son named David Paul Crawford born November 21, 1886 in Ballymoney, County Antrim, Ireland. James Paul Crawford died in 1886, before his son David was born. James Paul Crawford was a Section Boss for the railroad and was reportedly killed in a train/work accident in Ireland. This may have been in the rockslide accident that entombed and killed a number of railroad workers near Ballymena, Ireland. Mildred McKeever-Mattingly wrote that Isabella Crawford left Ireland with her Second Cousins (possibly named: Ray”) and went to Quebec, Canada to live. Later, she immigrated to Ellsworth, Pierce County, WI to be with her sister, Mary McCaughey-Rasmus. David Paul Crawford may have been raised by relatives in Ireland or Quebec, Canada. David Crawford did not immigrate to the USA and to Wisconsin until about 1903, when he was 15 or 16 years old. DAVID Paul Crawford - Married Amelia M. Hansen on November 3, 1909 in St. Paul, MN and they had the following children, Evelyn, Viola, Harold, Lyle, Kenneth, Gladys, and Arlene Crawford. David and Walt McKeever were very close. David helped Walt get into the telephone business and both of them spent many years managing small telephone companies. David Crawford passed away April 13, 1970 in Wells, MN and Amelia Crawford died on May 29, 1980 in Wells, MN. David and Amelia are both buried the same cemetery in Wells, MN. CHILDREN: Evelyn Crawford was born October 13, 1911 and married Clifford Peterson and then Arthur Hasbrouck. Viola Mae was born May 21, 1913 and married Raymond Schultz. Harold David Crawford was born October 21, 1916 and married Thelma Thoreson and then Rosalyn Traynor. Lyle Crawford was born January 21, 1919 and married Aris Timmerman. Kenneth Crawford was born January 20, 1921 and married Ramona Hemingway. It is interesting to note that Kenneth Crawford and his wife, Ramona are the Grandparents of the world famous model, Cindy Crawford. Cindy Crawford is the son of Daniel Crawford and his first wife, Jennifer Crawford. Daniel is the son of Kenneth and Ramona Crawford. Kenneth passed away November 24, 1989 in Truman, MN and Ramona is living in Florida. Gladys Crawford was born January 6, 1923 and married Warren Gydesen and then Kermit Scott. The youngest child was Arlene Crawford who was born May 24, 1926 and she married Odin Olsen on June 11, 1949. The second family children by John and Isabella McKeever were Mildred, Watt or “Walt”, Nellie, Elizabeth “Lizzie”, George, Sam, Emma, and Robert McKeever. David Crawford was also raised with these children and he became the closest to Walt as they were close in age. Mildred Crawford McKeeverMILDRED Crawford McKeever was born July 17, 1894 on the farm in Clifton Twp., Pierce County, WI. Mildred wrote that she and Walt had to help with many of the farm chores here. Mildred wrote that these were the happiest days of her life. She said, “I wasn’t old enough to worry and was too young to work.” After the 1917 death of her mother, she moved with the other girls to Sioux City, Iowa. While living in Sioux City she met and married Thomas Oswald Mattingly on April 5, 1919. Mildred passed away July 27, 1994 (age100) in Riverside, CA where she lived with her daughter Ruth L. Folkert. Mildred McKeever-Mattingly was buried in Visalia Cemetery, Tulare Co., CA - Service# 19031 - Section 1 C4 - Lot 11 - #36C. Their children were Allene H., Roselma, and Ruth L. Mattingly. Mildred McKeever once wrote about childhood times on the farm in Wisconsin and how the wolves would howl at night and how all the kids would go to school hearing the howling. She added that they did not have cattle fences at that time. They put bells on the cows necks and they went by the sound of the bells to pick out their cows and where they were. Mildred also said that the family had moved from Trimbelle, WI to a place called, “The Mounds”. It was on a slight hill. This is the farm where Mildred and Watt (Walt) were born in Clifton, Oak Grove Township, Pierce County, WI. This is also the farm that John McKeever lost to some kind of bug infestation. After the first bug attack destroyed the crops he borrowed money from the bank and replanted the crops again. Only the bugs came again the next year and the bank foreclosed on the farm. The family rented from then on and lived one mile north of River Falls, WI. Mildred stated that these were the happiest days of her life. She said, “I wasn’t old enough to worry and was too young to work”. RAY Watt “Walt” McKeever was born March 12, 1895 on the family farm in Clifton, Oak Grove Township, Pierce County, Wisconsin. The name RAY came from the name of one of Isabella’s second-cousins. The middle name WATT came from a family minister. According to Mildred, The kids always teased Watt about his name and he just changed it and used Walt. After Walt’s father, John McKeever died, Walt left and lived in the Twin Cities for awhile and then went and lived and worked with his ½ brother, Dave Crawford in Luck, Polk County, Wisconsin. Walt also served in the U.S. Army Infantry in France from 1918-1919 in WW I. Walt and Dave Crawford were close in age and had the same interests and both became telephone lineman in Hammond, WI. Walt was working on a line pole one day (Luck, WI) when he saw a pretty young girl go by. He fell from the pole while trying to get down to talk to her. She asked, “Do you always get down that way?” and that is how they met. Later, Walt announced that someday he would marry that girl. She was Betras Christine Christensen and he did marry her. They were married on August 13, 1923 in St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN. Walt and Betras McKeever had two children: Eugene Delbert McKeever born in Winnebago, MN and Gloria Francis McKeever born in Luck, Polk Co., WI. Eugene McKeever married Delores Stella Halls and their children were Nancy Dee born July 25, 1946, Eugene Delbert, Jr. born November 9, 1947, Bruce Douglas on August 24, 1949, and Michele “Shelly” Diane McKeever on July 8, 1955. Delores McKeever passed away on January 13, 1987. Eugene re-married on March 10, 1989 to Norma Lee Merrell and they lived in Denver, CO. Both Eugene and Delores are buried in the Logan National Cemetery in Denver, CO. Gloria McKeever married Lucius Edwin “Pat” Patrick and their children were Michael Ray, Robert Edwin, Gloria Kathleen and Jesse Le Patrick. Walt and Betras McKeever didn’t agree on much, except “staying married”. Betras moved to Minneapolis, MN while Gloria was still young. Betras ran numerous antique and restaurant businesses and Walt stayed in Wanamingo, MN working for the Wanamingo Telephone Company from 1932 until 1967. Walt passed away November 7, 1967 at the University of Minnesota Hospital in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN. Walt is buried in the Ft. Snelling National Cemetery - Section O - Grave #1566. Betras McKeever remarried to Carl John Jacobson (friend in senior high rise building) in 1972. Betras died January 5, 1978 and she is also buried in Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Section R, Grave #389. NELLIE J. McKeever was born in May 1898 in River Falls Township, Pierce Co., WI and married John Carlson about 1920 probably in Iowa or Wisconsin. Nellie was badly burned on March 23, 1928 while burning rubbish in her backyard at 2100 Dewey Street in Sioux City, IA. Nellie was burning rubbish behind the house. The fire spread and caught her dress on fire. Emma stated that Nellie’s dress caught fire as she ran through the fire protecting one of her children. Nellie received severe burns but died due to infections in the burns. Nellie died April 1, 1928 at a Sioux City hospital. Nellie and John Carlson had the following children: Jean, Del Roy, Jill, Carol and Leonard Carlson. The Newspaper obituary only lists two children: Carol 7 years old, and Leonard 5 years old. Burial was in Graceland Park Cemetery, 2701 South Lake Port Street, Sioux City, IA - Section: Laurel, Lot #85. Nellie was one of the young McKeever girls which Mildred McKeever brought to Sioux City, IA to live with her after the death of their mother, Isabella McKeever. This is how the daughters from the McKeever second family ended up living in the Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA area. See newspaper article in Sioux City Evening Tribune , April 1928 and Woodbury County Death Records, Book J, Page 42. ELIZABETH “Lizzie” Isabella McKeever was born on March 21, 1900 in River Falls, Pierce Co., WI and married William Julius on August 13, 1919 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA. William died on November 17, 1957 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA. Lizzie died December 25, 1985 at the Hallmark Care Center in Sioux City, IA and she & William are buried in the Memorial Park in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA. Lizzie and William Julius had the following children: Wilbur Robert born in May 13, 1920 who married Dorothy Mabel Newton, Marian Ruth born in 1922 who married Glendale Aubrey Larsen, and Donald Lee Julius born in 1925 who married Mary M. Flaherty. Donald Julius was a Sioux City High School football star and died at an early age from a heart attack. Don was found deceased in his hotel room in Boulder, CO on September 1, 1954. He had served in both the US Navy and US Army and was a salesman for U.S. Rubber Co. Marian Ruth died January 11, 2003 in Naples, FL. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Julius, William Julius, and Marian Larsen are buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Sioux City, IA. GEORGE William McKeever was born on December 28, 1902 at River Falls, Pierce County, WI. George was raised from about 1913 to 1918 by his ½ brother Matt and Jennie McKeever in North Dakota. George was brought there after his father passed away. George is listed on 1920 US Census as being in US Navy serving onboard the USS Sproston DD-173. George was probably discharged in California as that is where he stayed after he finished his enlistment. George McKeever married Ethel Alice Adkins-Chapman (prob. in CA). Ethel had five girls of her own from a previous marriage. Elsie’s daughters were Velma R. Chapman, Geraldine E. Chapman, Elva D. Chapman, Virginia C. Chapman,, and Alice M. Chapman. George and Elsie McKeever had 2 more girls by their marriage. Their first daughter was named Nellie Ray McKeever. Nellie was born October 5, 1928 in San Joaquin Co., CA. Their second daughter, Georgia Imogene McKeever was born in 1930. I think there was also a Isabelle Lorraine McKeever born on May 4 1932 in El Dorado Co., CA. George William McKeever died in a deer hunting accident October 2, 1931 in White Rock Canyon, 7 miles outside of Placerville, El Dorado County, CA. George was out deer hunting with his brother Robert McKeever. George had gone to get his rifle in the cars backseat and it discharged into his chest. George is buried in the Upper Town Cemetery in Placerville, CA. No headstone in place. George McKeever died leaving his widow, Elsie with 7 little girls to tend and care for. We have been unable to find out what happened to any of them. SAMUEL Mullen McKeever was born January 10, 1904 in Clifton Twp., Pierce County, WI. After his mother and father died, Sam was sent to live with his Aunt Mary Jane McCaughey-Rasmus and her husband, William Martin Rasmus. They had a farm near Ellsworth, Pierce County, WI. Sam lived with them for about 7 years. About 1924 Sam McKeever married Lillian Hazel Heacox in Pierce County, WI. We only have one photo of Sam and he is wearing his Army uniform. Sam and Lillian had one child, a daughter named Betty June McKeever. Betty June McKeever was born in Beldenville, Pierce County,Wisconsin on June 21, 1926. Betty married Kenneth John Byrnes December 8, 1943 in Barron County, WI and they had eight children. Their children were Daniel Lee, Patrick Stephens, Peggy Jean, Mitchell John, Connie Marie, Kari Jo, and Darcey Kay Byrnes. Mitchell John Byrnes died November 24, 1966 in a very unfortunate hunting accident. Mitchell was deer hunting with his grandfather, Sam McKeever, south of Cameron, Wisconsin. Sam was riding in the box while Mitchell drove the truck. They had spotted a deer out in a field and tried to drive closer to it. Sam rode in the trucks box while Mitchell drove. The truck swerved or bounced and Sam’s rifle discharged into the trucks cab. The bullet went through the cab and fatally struck Mitchell Byrnes. Mitchell John Byrnes is buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery in Cameron, WI. Sam McKeever worked in road construction as a machine operator and worked many years with his father-in-law, George Heacox. Samuel Mullen McKeever died May 13, 1969 in Cameron, Barron County, WI and is buried at Ft. Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis, MN. Sam is buried in Section P - Grave #2588. EMMA M. McKeever was born on August 4, 1905 in Prescott, Pierce County, WI and married Walter E. Mingo about 1921 in Sioux City, Iowa. After her parents died, Emma spent some time living with Uncle Harvey and Mary Margaret Rasmus in Spooner, Wisconsin. Later she, like her sisters, went to Sioux City, Iowa to live. Emma was the last of the original eighteen children to pass away. She died on February 11, 2000 while visiting her granddaughter, Cindy Mingo-Beck in Winchester, Lewis Co., Idaho. Emma’s Obituary appears in the Sioux City Journal of 13 February, 2000 on page 9B4. Emma was buried February 18, 2000 in the Memorial Park Cemetery on Sergeant’s Bluff in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA. Emma and Walter Mingo had one child: Bonnie Marie Mingo who was born on February 13, 1924. Bonnie Mingo married Grant L. “Dace” Bedlion on May 20, 1943 in Reno, Nevada. Grant Bedlion was a highway billboard painter and died falling from his scaffolding. This accident happened January 21, 1976 in San Diego, California. Bonnie died on March 4, 1980 in Sioux City, IA and is buried in Memorial Park Cemetery. After Bonnies’s death, Emma took responsibility for raising the grandchildren. Bonnie and Grant Bedlion had the following children: Traci, Candice who died September 10, 1997, Cinthya, Rick, Scott, Dace, Bonnie and Traci Bedlion. ROBERT John McKeever was born January 14, 1908 in Prescott, Pierce Co., WI. Robert went to the William and Mary Jane Rasmus farm to live after his mothers death. He then went to live with Peter and Mary Rasmus on therir farm near Ellsworth, Wisconsin. He reportedly also lived with Harvey and Mary McKeever in Spooner, Wisconsin. On June 10, 1936 he married Florence Eleanor Morris in Iowa. Robert worked for Burlington Northern Railroad and had retired after 38 years of service. Robert died on April 21, 1984 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA and is buried in Memorial Park Cemetery in Sioux City, IA. Robert and Florence had the following children: Robert, Jr. born in 1937 and married Geraldine Willet, Richard James born in 1938 and married Sandra Lee Larrew, Beverly Anne born in 1939 and married Arthur Leroy Yates, Gary Charles born in September 14, 1941 and married Marsha A. Dean. Patrick McKeever was born on June 8, 1946 and died on June 15, 1946 and Russell Lee McKeever was born in 1955 and married Patricia Marie Schaffer. Gary Charles McKeever died February 15, 1997 in Sioux City, IA and left a widow, Marsha A. Dean-McKeever and two sons, Cary & Kelly McKeever. Gary Charles McKeever is buried at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa. All of the children of Robert and Florence McKeever were born in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA. 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