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About: I am 62 yrs old, and the last son of Samuel Wiley Redden, grandmother Mary Frances Mills Johnson, grandfather James preston Johnson, grandmother Delia Cowen Redden, grandfather Joseph Thomas Redden, all lines start in Tenn. or Ky.

Researching: Johnson, Mills, Cowen, Redden

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This is a picture of my father, Wiley Redden born in 1904 with my older brother Curtis. This picture shows a grate resemblence to his grandfather Wiley Redden born in 1836 Coffee County Tenn.
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This is a picture of James Redden, (the Larger picture ) the other picture is a picture of Samuel Wiley Redden. The picture was taken after he returned from the Civil War. If you enlarge the photo enough you can see that he only has three fingers on the right hand. The first finger was shot off in battle. You can count four nuckles on the left hand which shows four fingers. also the right hand shows the longiest finger which is the second finger on everones hand.
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This is my grandmother Mary Frances Mills Johnson, born in Jasper co MO. Her mother was Rachel Ann Ball Mills born Jul 1846 in JoDaviess co IL., her father was James Mills born 1846 in Jasper co MO.
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This is my grandmother Delia Cowen Redden she was born in Salem Arkansas around 1883 and moved to Bell County Texas and settled in the Leion Valley along the Nolen creek and later moved to Moffett Texas which was along the Leion Reiver
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This photo was in My aunt Rachel Johnsons albaum
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This picture is in a family albaum left by my aunt Rachel Johnson. Could be Johnsons or Mills'
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These photos are in a family albaum with out names and no one in the family that knows Could be Johnsons or Mills'
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