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About: Researching the following names from the old Austro-Hungarian empire: Pallai, Pallay, Pallaye, Palai Rubi, Ruby, Hrubi, Hruby Palinkas Gaspar Plucsinsky, Plucinsky Dzurnak, Jurnak Kupcik, Kuptsik, Kuftsak Pesta Hozza Almassy Firkala Firtzig Lauf

Researching: Barber, Stephens, Pierce, Cummins, Kupcik, Van Alstine, Quackenbush, Hargrave, Sorrells, Cuthbertson, Lonon, Moffett, Pallai, Gaspar, Ruby, Palinkas, Dzurnak, Plucinsky, Hargrove, Pallaye, Rubi, Pallay

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A picture of my mom and dad after they were married and before my dad headed overseas. Mary Elizabeth Pallaye and William Thomas Kupcik.
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This is my mother and father on their wedding day, February 14, 1936. Mary Elizabeth Pallaye and William Thomas Kupcik. They were married at St. Anne's...
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This is our wedding group, taken in Helen, White County, Georgia on November 6, 1999.
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Signed photo of Aerial Photographic crew, Class E-8. This photo taken right before Sgt. Pallaye's untimely death from fall from plane.
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Andrew Pallai (originally Pallaye), Julia Rubi Pallai, and Andrew Pallai Jr, my grandparents and first son in Hungary in 1901. They were not to be together...
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