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About: Researching the following names from the old Austro-Hungarian empire: Pallai, Pallay, Pallaye, Palai Rubi, Ruby, Hrubi, Hruby Palinkas Gaspar Plucsinsky, Plucinsky Dzurnak, Jurnak Kupcik, Kuptsik, Kuftsak Pesta Hozza Almassy Firkala Firtzig Lauf

Researching: Barber, Stephens, Pierce, Cummins, Kupcik, Van Alstine, Quackenbush, Hargrave, Sorrells, Cuthbertson, Lonon, Moffett, Pallai, Gaspar, Ruby, Palinkas, Dzurnak, Plucinsky, Hargrove, Pallaye, Rubi, Pallay

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A picture of my mom and dad after they were married and before my dad headed overseas. Mary Elizabeth Pallaye and William Thomas Kupcik.
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This is my mother and father on their wedding day, February 14, 1936. Mary Elizabeth Pallaye and William Thomas Kupcik. They were married at St. Anne's Hungarian Church in Hazelwood, Pittsburgh, Pa.
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This is our wedding group, taken in Helen, White County, Georgia on November 6, 1999.
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Signed photo of Aerial Photographic crew, Class E-8. This photo taken right before Sgt. Pallaye's untimely death from fall from plane.
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Andrew Pallai (originally Pallaye), Julia Rubi Pallai, and Andrew Pallai Jr, my grandparents and first son in Hungary in 1901. They were not to be together in America until six years after this photo.
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