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Researching: Richardson, Wood, Grant, Barnes, Green, Tilton, Waverly, Eisentrager, Wyburn, Collery, Sleeper

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This photo is one that I found in my mother's photo album for 1941/42. The name she added under the picture was Jr. Waverly, soldier boy from Waterloo. I've been trying to find out more about him for ten years but not having ANY luck. Hope someone recognizes this and is able to help me. Photo taken in Austin, Minnesota.
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Annabelle (my mother) is with a friend Jr. Waverly in Denver, Co in 1942. I don't know who Jr. is or what his real name is. Annabelle met Jr. in Austin, MN and took a trip with him to Buffalo Bill's grave in Golden Co. I would like to know if anyone recognizes him and can tell me his real name and where he is from. I believe he is wearing a uniform from the CC Camps but am not for sure.
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