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Saundra Hummer I know of a Joseph D. Vermillion who was with a handful of Texas Rangers out hunting for Santa Anna after the Alamo and Goliad, one of them stumbled across him, and took him back to their commanders. I belive he was my mothers great uncle. My grandfather a another Texas Ranger was James Harvey Vermillion. He married Nancy Jane Smith in Altoga (I believe that's where they were married). His brother Marvel was a farmer and mayor. One of the other brothers was a jeweler besides being a Texas Ranger. There is a huge extended family. My mother Eula Maude Vermillion was one of ten brothers and sisters. She married William McGrady Winkler of Bonham, Texas. All of my mothers immediate family lived there. Her mother was Minnie May Hinton from Chicago, another impossible person to try to search out information on. I don't even know if there were any brothers or sisters in her family, (the Hinton's).
Jan 29, 2010 · posted to the photo Vancyil Verdine and Floyd Viva Vermillion
Saundra Hummer An addition to the above. I meant to say that a member wrote and told me that Joel Smith is a probably one of our relatives. Then to so are the Jones family, Something so easy to look up. She said that both the Smiths and the Jones from N. Carolina area are probably related to my family and that the area they were from was in North Carolina down near the southern border. I haven't been able to find much. Had two computer crashes and lost a lot of information, all that I hadn't printed up, so, I should go back and find everything again. I have a photo of my great grandparents, their wedding photo, so, if I can locate it in my computer I'll post it.
Jan 29, 2010 · posted to the photo Elijah Craig Smith
Saundra Hummer I wish you (and everyone) would post locations of your family members, that helps in narrowing down other searches, etc. Thanks and since I'm related to Smiths, and Millers back a few generations ago I wonder if your Elijah Craig Smith is a relative? My great grand parents lived in Texas as did their children and most of their grandchildren. Nancy Jane Smith married James Harvey Vermillion (Texas Ranger) in Altoga (I believe), Texas. Thank you, Saundra
Jan 29, 2010 · posted to the photo Elijah Craig Smith
Saundra Hummer Where are these Smiths from? Amazing, but Tazewell Cowan Smith looks just like my brother if he were to grow a full beard, amazing, truly is. My scanner isn't working or I would forward some photo's of him. Nancy Jane Smith married James Harvey Vermillion, who was a Texas Ranger as were his brothers and uncle, one of which Joseph D. Vermillion, was in on the capture of Santa Anna after the battle of San Jacinto, (Goliad- sic?), he was also in the civil war. I've been told that Nancy Jane was a descendent of a Joel Jones and a Smith from Southern part of North Carolina. Then too I've been told that she was Indian, and we do have Indian teeth, but I can't find out very much about her at all.
Nov 19, 2009 · posted to the photo Tazewell and children (Father & children)
Saundra Hummer I should have added that there were four Texas Rangers who were Vermillions, this was back in the time of the Alamo, the Indian Wars and the Civil War era. There were Vermillions in the Tennessee Civil War Troups, Ninth Calvary I believe, they were from Texas but volunteered there thinking it would be best. The Blounts in Texas are sons of my Aunt Cassie Vermillion Blount. There's was James Blount, David Blount and Robert Blount. There is a Jeanette Blount, I have her last name here somewhere. My cousin Alan is living in Bonham Texas, he's a Vermillion and his daughter is into doing geneaology as well. My computer crashed and I lost her information. Good luck.
Nov 21, 2008 · posted to the photo Vancyil Verdine and Floyd Viva Vermillion
Saundra Hummer I have found information on the Vermillion family which states that every Vermillion in the United States are related, as the only person with that name to ever migrate to the United States came here during Colonial times and that was Giles Vermillion. My family says there were three brothers who came here, however there is no proof of this being the case, but there is a history with Giles. He was a Hugenot, and was only 13 when he came here as a bond servant, bonded to a fellow by the name of Green. This was in Maryland. Giles married a Hutchinson girl he had met when on a business trip with Mr. Green that was with her father, a wealthy land owner. Giles himself ended up well off himself. During the Revolution, Giles son voluntered his own services as well as his horses and wagons to Col. George Washington's war efforts against the British and then again when G. Washington became a general. Two separate inlistments. This part of their history is somewhat easy to research, it is Nancy Jane Smiths mother, father, and other relatives I'm having trouble finding a history on. The Smiths and the Jones familys; two of the most prolific families in the country, it's something else to try to do.
Nov 21, 2008 · posted to the photo Vancyil Verdine and Floyd Viva Vermillion
Saundra Hummer Hello William, I would like to find any information on Nancy Jane Smith Vermillion. She is a great grandmother and I have no information on her other than she married a Civil War veteran and that were in the Collin County Texas area. I've been told she is probably related to Joel Smith of south North Carolina, as well as the Brown family who lived down near the South Carolina border and the east coast. A long lost relative sent me an email photo of James Harvey Vermillion and Nancy Jane Smith Vermillion's wedding photo. This is all I know of her, and would like to find out more.
Nov 21, 2008 · posted to the photo William Harry Smith Family
Saundra Hummer I saw in an old newspaper posting that Marvel Vermillion, mayor of a Texas (name has slipped my mind), town and prominant farmer was being visited by a lady and her friend by the name of Bass and a Cantrell. Infamous names aren't they? Anyway, Marvel Vermillion was my mothers uncle. I read the town died when the railroad passed it by.
Nov 14, 2008 · posted to the photo The Lady Needs a Name
Saundra Hummer The second young fellow on the left, the one in the front row, has the same coloring and square jaw Butch Cassidy had. You should look up a historian and send them an email of this photo. Perhaps there are some well known people in it. Your photo could be a museum piece.
Nov 14, 2008 · posted to the photo desperados
Saundra Hummer Is Elmo Smith related to Nancy Jane Smith from Texas? It was told to me that this Smith family might be related to Joel Smith from the far eastern southern area of North Carolina. Nancy Jane Smith married James Harvey Vermillion, Texas Ranger and Civil War vetern. He was injured in the battle at Shiloh. Was instrumental in founding the orphanage in Dallas for the numerous Civil War orphans.
Nov 14, 2008 · posted to the photo Photo of Unknown Couple