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About: Researching the following families: Cain, Steelman, Whitworth, Lane, Martinak, Hickman, Hammagren, Foulke, Durheim, Brendemuehl, Niemann, Nieman, Rod, Schera, Neubauer, Stout, Penc. Locations include but are not limited to: Texas, Oregon, Missouri, Ohio, Kansas, Germany, Sweeden, Czech. Prussia

Researching: Lane, Hickman, Stout, Cain, Foulke, Hammagren, Whitworth, Niemann, Steelman, Martinak, Durheim, Brendemuehl, Nieman, Rod, Schera, Neubauer, Penc

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This photo was thought to be taken at Camp Adair in Oregon during the war.
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Three people standing for photo
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Two Men in Army Uniform on the back of the photo the name has been cut off so I can only make out a couple of letters in the name.
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Unknown woman photo probably taken in or around Lawrence Kansas or possibly oregon
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Lester in Military Uniform
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Ed and Nietha Foulke with Son Robert Jerome Foulke Sr.
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