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Sheila Maria Motko as a baby in Germany. The photo was taken in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany in 1962.
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Tom Motko in the 1960s as an alter boy
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Castle in Germany in Bavaria . King Ludwig II built it , he never got to live in it long. He was killed,murdered or committed suicide . His death is a mystery
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This the home of Baron Frankenstein .It is either in Hesse or Darmstadt Germany. found it on the internet. @kathy P
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My parents gravesite, at Riverside Memorial Cemetery in Riverside Ca. MARGARET M MOTKO 04/26/1932-11/11/1994 AND THOMAS P.MOTKO 2/19/1928-06/24/2002
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My mother's mother, Take in 1925 in Bronx New York. She was about 24 years old
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My brothers and me: Bottom..Kevin Patrick Motko,Michael Joesph Motko,Sheila Maria Motko and Thomas James Motko
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Thomas James Motko, My brother back in his college days..1969-70 era
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The last house my grandmother lived in
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my brother, Thomas James Motko, as a little dude
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Sheila Motko Thank you, I just was inquiring . My last name is the original spelling, but many years ago half the family went for the spelling of MATKO, To this day my Uncle Jim,his kids and my Uncle Ted's kids use the Matko. The rest of us use MOTKO spelling. But nice to hear from you and I appreciate your answer. Sheila M. Motko
Mar 08, 2012 · posted to the photo John Matko, 1943 PA
Sheila Motko Hi my name is Sheila Motko, I was wondering if John Matko could be related to my family ..Half of my famiy used Matko and half Motko..My grandpa Joesph Matko and Grandmother Agnes Matko(nee Evansick). John Matko could be his brother. Sorry if I bugged you..I did have an Great Uncle named John
Mar 06, 2012 · posted to the photo John Matko, 1943 PA
Sheila Motko Kathy what I do know is that there is a real castle Frankenstein it's located near Darmstadt , Germany, My memory of the castle is there is a place where the montster was suppose to have stood. I think the entire family is gone..but I am not sure. The castle is not in good shape but you can tour it.
Oct 30, 2011 · posted to the photo Baron Frankenstein
Sheila Motko This the house that Grandma bought after my grandfather passed away. Today it stands still looking just like it did back when she lived there 1968-1971abt
Aug 28, 2011 · posted to the photo Grandma Motko's house