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About: Hi I'm Sherry Brintle and I'm researching the names Brintle and Leverett on my dad's side and Herndon and Martin on my mom's.

Researching: Martin, Herndon, Leverett, Brintle

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This is my Mom's High School picture so she was still a Herndon, she's 15 in this picture, but by the time she turned 16 she was married to James Oscar Brintle Jr. and was 1 month away from having her 1st son. She was a wonderful loving mother and her 4 kids always came first, she died in 2001, 30 years and 1 day after Dad died, she was 67. SHERRY
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When I first put this picture on AncientFaces it was black & White a wonderful man named Major Chance saw it and sent it back to me colorized. It looks so much better, I have looked at the B&W one for 33 years it sure is a change for the better this way. All My Thanks SHERRY BRINTLE
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My dad J.O. Brintle Jr. in a Army Tank. He is the one on the right front I don't know who the other two men are. I just recieved the picture this year.I do know when he left the service he was a Master Sargent he was in the service from about 1945 to 1953.
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First photo of James O.Brintle Jr. whom everyone called J.O.when he Joined the Army about 1945.
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This is a picture of Lydia Brintle Pearson and grandson David Matthews and grandson David Crowe. Lydia I guess was my grandpa's sister.Lydia had two daughters Hazel Crowe and Zephia Matthews it's their sons in the picture.David Crowe is the one on death row in Georgia he was adopted. Sherry
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This is my dad's only sister Margaret Adell Brintle she went by Adell, she was born and raised in Oklahoma but later lived in Denver for years and worked for channel 7 TV.This picture is the front of a postcard I don't know where or when. She never married or had children and was a Brintle when she died. Sherry
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Ollie O. Leverett may have sent this picture postcard to my grandmother Mattie (Leverett) Brintle in Raiford Oklahoma the postmark is May 26,1913 Hobart Oklahoma can't read much of back but signed Ollie whom I think was Mattie's younger sister Ollie O. Leverett I don't know who the man is. Sherry Brintle
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This is my last picture of my Grandpa before he died. He was born in Georgia in 1891 and died in Oklahoma in 1973,his wife Mattie Lee (Leverett)Brintle also died in Eufaula,Oklahoma in 1941. They are both buried in The Mellette Cemetery there.
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Sherry Brintle Jay my dad J.O Brintle Jr. was also in Germany in WW11. Sherry Brintle
Aug 10, 2004 · posted to the photo Ervin Shipp
Sherry Brintle Jay, thank you for the pictures you have posted, I have saved and printed them all, you say on here that Milley Leverett m Anderson G could I ask where you got that info? Please let me know I have never heard that before. SHERRY BRINTLE
Aug 03, 2004 · posted to the photo Brintle House
Sherry Brintle Jay- I have been on that site as a matter of fact I have a picture of Lydia Brintle Pearson and two of her grandsons my aunt Adell had been to Georgia and got it before Lydia died I didn't get it till this year I'll put it on ancient faces now, Lydia would have been my grandpa's sister. Sherry
Aug 02, 2004 · posted to the photo Grandpa,Oklahoma, 1971