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Sophronia Smith When familys develop a "rift" and they strive diligently to create a definite separation--one from another--so that outsiders cannot associate any one of them with the other one----OOOOHHH MY WHAT PROBLEMS IT CAN ESTABLISH FOR THE GENEALOGYIST!!!!! This is what has happened to this specific group of HOWARDs!!! AS LEGEND HAS BEEN PASSED DOWN: There was a Howard that most likely had slaves. The typical synario of children in slave quarters fathered by the slave owner; it was never clear if this Howard reared this child as his own white child because he was too white to be left in slave quarters OR if the child was left to be reared by the mother in the slave quarters. At any rate, for a person knowing what to look for, this male child had a lot of characteristics of a Black child but slightly modified due to the White genetics....HE BASICLY WENT THRU LIFE PASSING AS WHITE AND REARING HIS FAMILY AS A WHITE FAMILY.... So far as I have ever been able to find out he had four (4) boys. I never heard anything about any girls. I have never been able to find out where this man lived as a child or as an adult family man... NOR have I been able to find out even the approximate birth, death, marriage dates/locations. I DO know 1)That in later, adult years all four boys lived in or around Loudon County, TN.; 2)Three (3) of them stayed there & reared their families in Loudon Co., TN.; 3)In later years after the children (3 boys 1 girl) were grown, one of the boys (Glen) moved to and died in Oklahoma.; 4)Two (2) boys (Kenneth--don't know # of children but do know had a daughter that became a nurse--& I forget the other brother's name) never left Loudon County.; Kenneth Howard III (don't know if this is a son or grandson to Kenneth) still lives somewhere in the East TN area at last known accounts of him but refuses to acknowledge any relationship to these four brothers...; 5)The fourth (4th) boy (George) left Loudon County, TN at an early age. He settled in an area just north of Memphis, TN, at that time known as a legally incorporated town of Raleigh Springs, TN. He bought a small farm in a foreclosure sale, married a WINGO and had at least two (2) children. Don't remember the second boy's name but the other boy is named William Henry Howard who still lives in the original home place in the Raleigh Springs community,--now incorporated into the city limits of Memphis, TN. Bill Howard never married and the brother has had several wives and supposedly is not married to the current mate. This fourth (4th) son (George) reported to the rest of the brothers/family that he was distancing himself from each & every one of them because he did not want his life style to be associated, even remotely, in any way shape, form, or fashion, with the rest of them. HE SAID HE WAS SO DESPERATE TO SEPARATE HIMSELF FROM THEM THAT HE INTENDED TO TEACH HIM FAMILY THAT ALL HIS FAMILY MEMBERS WERE DEAD & THAT HE HAD NO BROTHERS/SISTERS. The wife of Kenneth Howard reported that the last time any of them ever had any correspondance from him was when he notified them of the purchase of the farm in Raleigh Springs, TN.----did a really convincing job of his story too since William Henry Howard will argue with you that his father was an only child and had no living relatives---the only living relatives he had growing up were from the WINGO clan. IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE WHO IS FAMILIAR WITH THIS BRANCH OF HOWARDs????? IF THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE WHO IS WILLING TO SHARE NAMES, DATES, PLACES, STORIES, PICS, OF THIS CLAN???? Everywhere I attempt to search I draw a total blank--as if butting my head against a blank wall!! Thanks, Anni at SPYPUPPY007@YAHOO.COM
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Howard
Sophronia Smith Bennie & Charlie were female sisters. Bennie was married to a Wirt Addison Jones in the vicinity of HOLMES Co,and other surrounding areas of Miss. Their maiden name was GREEN or GREENE. As a child I have always been told these people--both Jones and Green--were of some type of noteworthy fame due to their ancestors. Therefore, they made every effort to avoid the lime-light of this fame by keeping a very low profile for themselves and their children. I have no knowledge who Bennie & Charlie's parents were or from where they originated. I have no idea if they had other brothers/sisters. I DO know there was one of these Green(e) relatives that in the early 1960s taught on the university level for TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY. Don't have any idea if this was a nephew or cousin to Bennie & Charlie--- I DO know Bennie & Wirt Addison Jones 1) First had a still-born child approx. time frame of 1899 & burried with no marker just down the road (back toward Pickens, MS) from where they are both burried; 2) Second child was Rachel Cozette Jones, b 27 Feb, 1907, & died Dec 1986, married Thad M Fagan and one child Joy Annita; 3)Third child was Wirt Addison Jones, b 05 Nov. approx 1915, married Lucille Green(e) and had three children, Wirt Addison Jones, Jr (MD), Susan D Jones, and Terri Jones. I DO know that the GREEN(e) that taught at Texas Christian Univ. had at least on son that was very bright and went to architect school up in New England Area. My grandmother was Rachel Cozette Jones. All the correspondance she had with the Green(e) professor was referenced as "cousin"...That does not tell me what the relationship of this professor is to Bennie and Charlie----was he also their cousin?...or perhaps their nephew??? ANYBODY OUT HERE HAVEING ANY DATA ABOUT THESE PEOPLE PLEASE!! PLEASE!! FORWARD IT TO ME...Due to their demand for a low-profile life and passing this attitude on to their children I am basicly butting my head against a blank wall every place I try to find records for them ANNI HITT
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Green
Sophronia Smith Long ago, when one James Fagan lived in Henry County, AL (on the GA state line), he married Elizabeth Miller. They had several children. and by 1870, had moved to the east side of AL when Indian Territory was opened up to white settlers. Part of the time it was known as Washington County, AL and then split to make Choctaw County, AL... No known data has been located for this woman--family, church, government--and all dates gives for her are estimated based upon known data for the husband and her children. Among other reasons, this could very possibly be due to family not being from around there or having been there such a short time, there was not time to create any real records for the Miller family she is from. Another reason could be the Miller clan disowned her for moral reasons or because they disapproved of the union with James Fagan. One of the children she had with James Fagan was George Jefferson Fagan, DOB March 5 or 6, 1870. G. J. Fagan married Emma McAdams and had 11 children and 2 foster children. The youngest daughter--Dana Fagan had a second husband named Alton Bruce MILLER---It was rumored at the time of this marriage that he a descendant of this same MILLER line. He said he could care less if he was creating a "family thing" of intermarriage. Said he had not bothered to keep up the the MILLER genealogy and did not want to know about it. This part of that MILLER line that was married to Dana Fagan lived on the MS side of the state line--across from Choctaw Co., AL--in Wayne Co, MS. ANYBODY!! PLEASE SHED LIGHT ON THE PARENTS, SIBLINGS, LOCATIONS, DATES for the original MILLER married to James FAGAN-- OR DATA FOR ANCESTRY OF Alton Bruce MILLER PLEASE!!!! HELP ME OUT!!!! Will share any of my data on their descendants if you want such data!! Thank you, Bretta Harte
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Miller
Sophronia Smith What part of the country is this man from? Who were his parents? Where did he rear his family?
Jun 12, 2010 · posted to the photo Walter Green
Sophronia Smith This pic looks veeery similar to pics of my mother's cousins. My mother's mother (my Grandmother) was Bennie Green. Most were in area of AL, MS, TX, & who knows where else. My mother used to get letters once or twice a year from a GREEN cousin that taught at Texas Christian. Aletha Ayres spypuppy007
Jan 25, 2010 · posted to the photo Nancy Green Rearick
Sophronia Smith Where is home for this MILLER from? What age is he likely to be?
Aug 31, 2009 · posted to the photo Fred Miller
Sophronia Smith A school by that name could be anywhere in the US. People with these surnames can also be scattered all over the US. Please be kind to the one viewing this data to state where in the US you have reference to.
Aug 31, 2009 · posted to the photo Dunning -Benton Harbor School Normal
Sophronia Smith I too would like to know where this school is located! We have lots of AL, MS, TX Bonners in our line
Aug 25, 2009 · posted to the photo Bonner Elementary School
Sophronia Smith What good is a copy of the Obit. & Marr. Lic. if you are not going to tell City, County, St. where the Obit. was published & the Marr. Lic. issued/consumated? These are things all genealogists must have if they are going to legitimately document a family tree. Thanks.
Aug 24, 2004 · posted to the photo Peter and Leronia marriage cert.