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My dad and I found this photo along with a bunch of photos stashed in a box from my grandfather. There are 4 pictures total with this event. I have no idea what exactly is going on except that it looks like some kind of military event. The picture looks like it was taken in a high school gym. Perhaps its a ROTC event or a welcome back the troop event. There's no writing on any of these 4 photos except the May 65 imprint on the side of the photo perhaps when they were processed or taken
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My dad and I found this picture with other pictures in a box that my grandfather had stashed away. He doen't remember who this is exactly. He believes it's one of his cousin's kids either a Pierson, Collick, Florance, or Snyder or related to someone with one of those last names. There's nothing on the back of the picture so we really have no clue who she is but he strongly believes its one of his cousin's kids. Most of the family members at this time of the picture (1960-1970?) were living in the Flint/Fenton area of Michigan (Genessee County). If anyone recognizes her please let me know at Thanks!
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This picture is of my dad Jerry Snyder (Right) and two of his buddies playing bingo while stationed in Germany. My dad doesn't remember the names of his buddies or where they were from. If anyone recognizes the other two fellas in the picture please contact me at or through here. I think my dad would like to know what ever happened to his army buddies and how they're doing if still living. Thanks!
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Picture of my dad, Jerry Snyder, who served in the US Army. This picture was taken while he was stationed in Germany. My dad is about 20 years old in this picture. Circa 1960's
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Tracey Snyder Thomas Collick and his mother Mary J. Collick took the S.S. Gallia from Liverpool England to Quebec, Canada in May of 1898. From there they crossed over the US borders in Michigan to get to Ishpeming, MI.
Mar 02, 2010 · posted to the story Thomas Collick