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My Walters started with William Watters (Walters) b. 1699 in South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. His parents were Archibald Watters & ...... Gourley.
William m. Elizabeth...? and had Thomas & Robert, amoung others. Robert was my direct ancester, and was 11 at the time of immigration from South Leith, Midlothian (Newton Village area) in 1743 and sailed to Virginia Colony and were in Brunswick Co which changed to Lunenburg County, then to Halifax County, then finally to Pittsylvania County formed in 1776. Robert was 22 when he joined the VA militia as a Pvt in the French & Indian War. He served from Jan 07, 1754 to Oct 08, 1756 under Capt Joshua Lewis Company. About that time, he m. Johannah McBee, a dau of William McBee.They had: William b. 1750, John (maybe a Capt) Robert Jr whow was a Lt in the Pittsylvania County Virginia Militia, and was at the Battle of Guildford Court House on Mar 15th 1781 under Capt Stevens Command under Gen. Nathaniel Greene. DAR # 5823746.qv. Elijah, Peter, Samuel, Moses (mine) Betsy, Susannah, Hannah, & Mary.
Jan 13, 2009 · Reply
George Worley Walters was born in Somerset County PA Feb. 14, 1866. While I never met him, he died 27 days before I was born, he was someone I think I would have enjoyed knowing.
He was in Johnstown PA during the flood, May 31 1889. He told his grandsons this story. "We used axes to chop holes in the floors of the house to keep it from moving off its base. I chopped a holr in one of the floors and a body of a dead woman floated through."
He also told his grandsons stories about going west to work for the lumber mills. He told that he rode the logs down the river and while they were "rolling" the logs down the river the spray from the logs would freeze on their pants legs and on their faces.
He married Florence Virgin from England and together they had 10 children. They moved from PA sometime after 1895 and lived in Norton VA in later years. He was living in Richlands Va at the time of his death.
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply