Bowdry's Drug Store

Updated Dec 12, 2019
Roxy Triebel
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on Jul 29, 2019 1:43 AM
Found in an antique store in Belton, Texas. The caption on bottom reads "Bowdry's Drug Store; Phone 132; Mason, Texas" The National Recovery Administration poster on the right wall suggests this was taken sometime between 1933 when the law went into effect and 1935 when it was thrown out as unconstitutional.

There is a wonderful variety of products and advertisements visible in this photo from the large soft drink display on the left behind the soda fountain "Carole Lombard and Phillips Holmes enjoying the pause that refreshes" (Coca Cola) and "Energy UP - you feel it surge" (Dr. Pepper) to the box cameras in the case behind the man on the right (can't tell whether they're Kodak Brownies or some other brand).

Other ads I can make out include: Gulf Oil (calendar on balcony railing in back), "We serve Austin Maid ice cream" below it, "Ucatone the Vitamin Tonic" and "Honey & Horehoud Cough Medicine" next to the man in the center, Kleer-A-Hed inhalant "breathe in Kleer-A-Hed and breath out colds" and various brands of cigarettes and cigars on the far right.
Date & Place: at Bowdry's Drug Store in Mason, Mason County, Texas USA

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AncientFaces commented on Aug 27, 2019
This circa 1933 TX photo was "found" at an antique store.
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