Carrs, Fields, & Neals

Madeline Neal, daughter of Rose (Carr) Neal, and Eleanor Fields, daughter of Alma and Albert Fields, George Field's son, are in the front row; George W. Carr and Priscilla (Sheeks) Carr, his wife; Addie (Fields) Leonard, George Field's daughter; and Rose (Carr) Neal are in the middle row, and George Fields is in the rear.

Taken: at Mitchell, in Lawrence County, Indiana

People in This Photo

George Asa Carr
Age: 67
Born: Dec 13, 1853
Mrs. George W. (Priscilla Sheeks) Carr
Age: 66
Born: Jun 5, 1854
Mrs. Asa (Rose Carr) Neal
Age: 42
Born: Mar 18, 1878
George Fields
Age: 66
Born: 1854
Eleanor Fields
Age: 4
Born: 1916

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