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Leonard Last Name History & Origin

Updated Jun 22, 2020


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Early Leonards

These are the earliest records we have of the Leonard family.

1518 - Oct 26, 1585
1556 - Sep 19, 1624
1558 - Jun 10, 1610
1577 - 1638
1527 - c. 1610

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Leonard Biographies

Dec 8, 1924 - Unknown
Jul 5, 1917 - Mar 8, 2011
Jul 15, 1941 - Feb 20, 2003
May 27, 1916 - January 1977
May 19, 1910 - February 1971
Dec 22, 1935 - December 1979
Nov 11, 1881 - November 1968
Feb 12, 1913 - March 1981
Mar 27, 1893 - May 1980
Mar 4, 1919 - October 1982
Oct 5, 1919 - Aug 4, 1989
Nov 17, 1931 - Jun 2, 2008
Jan 6, 1908 - Jun 22, 1998
Dec 26, 1914 - Apr 17, 1996
c. 1972 - Unknown
c. 1965 - Unknown
c. 1875 - Jun 14, 1913
Unknown - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown
c. 1919 - Unknown

Leonard Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Leonard family member is 70.1 years old according to our database of 38,820 people with the last name Leonard that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

70.1 years

Oldest Leonards

These are the longest-lived members of the Leonard family on AncientFaces.

Jul 16, 1872 - February 1986
113 years
Sep 6, 1894 - Jan 1, 2006
111 years
Feb 28, 1876 - July 1985
109 years
Aug 28, 1894 - Feb 11, 2002
107 years
Dec 25, 1876 - June 1984
107 years
Nov 30, 1887 - Aug 2, 1995
107 years
Nov 8, 1903 - Nov 2, 2009
105 years
Sep 5, 1901 - Aug 10, 2007
105 years
Aug 9, 1893 - Apr 2, 1999
105 years
Mar 6, 1894 - Oct 14, 1998
104 years

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Deborah Wheeler
42 favorites
Clara Jane Smith born in Indiana in 1872 to John Paul Smith and Mary Elizabeth Walton. She married Marion Leonard app. 1890; she was living in Cass County, Missouri in the 1900 Census.
Clara had 2 daughters Stella Maye Leonard born app. 1892 and Minnie Louellen Leonard born 1903. She had five sons by Marion. Amos Francis Leonard born 1900 - John Leonard - (Steven) Leonard - (Alva Leonard & Elva Leonard)>twins born app. 1908. She remarried to a man name Bennett had a sixth son named Howard Bennett born app. 1915. Clara was blind and supposedly a Cherokee Indian.
The family traveled quite a bit over the southwestern part of Missouri and into the tri-state areas of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. Upon one of the travels Clara consented to two of the children traveling with another family; they picked an area where they were to meet. Upon arriving there, the other family and her two children, were never seen or heard of again. The two children were supposed to have been the twins; but the Missouri archives has Elva listed as Elvie H. Leonard and died from burns received from an accidental scalding. This fits a story that my grandmother Minnie Louellen Leonard told of her father. She had very little respect for him, because she said her baby brother was crawling and spilled the pot of soup over; and Her father then proceeded to sit down and eat the remaining of the soup in the pot.
Clara's mother Mary Elizabeth (Walton) Smith was a widow by 1900 and lived in Dayton (Cass County) Missouri. She had a brother William Elwood Smith and his wife that resided in Dayton.
Her sister Julia A. (Smith) Huff and husband Luther lived in Missouri. Her sister Lucinda married a man name Cauthon and moved eventually to California where she died at. We have yet to find any information on Clara's sister Minnie Smith. Clara Jane died in Joplin (Jasper County) Missouri in 1925 and is buried under the name of Clara Jane Leonard.
The two children that was allowed to ride with the other family must have been Alva (one of the twins) and Stephen Leonard (The youngest Leonard boy). Amos moved to Tulsa where he died. Minnie married a man named George Patton and eventually moved to Tulsa. They had 17 children together. John was listed at home with Clara and his brother Howard Bennett - in the 1920 census from Ottawa County Oklahoma where they were living with George and Minnie (Leonard) Patton. Stella was already 18 years old by 1910 when Elvie was scalded to death.
If anyone has ever heard this story and may know what ever happen to the two children that traveled with the other family I would appreciate greatly in knowing. Thank You!
Debbie at [contact link]
Jul 22, 2008 · Reply

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