Clarice Bengough Fleay's son, Billie Fleay

Updated Sep 22, 2020
Kathy Pinna
Kathy Pinna shared a photo
on Jan 01, 2001 12:00 AM
Studio portrait of Clarice's son Billie Fleay. Clarice Bengough was married to William Walter Arnold Fleay. Taken in Perth, Australia, probably in the early 1920's.

Written on the back "Clarice's dear little son Billie. 3 months when this was taken."
Date & Place: in Perth, Australia
Ancient Faces commented
The perfect expression for the last quarter of 2020: 3 month old Billie Fleay in Perth Australia circa 100 years ago. Looks like he just heard that there is no Halloween this year!
Sep 22, 2020  ·  Reply
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