Dasher/Ferrier reunion 1907

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Dasher/Ferrier reunion 1907
This is a family reunion of the
Dasher/Ferrier family in Plattsmouth NE. in 1907
People in photo include: Henry Dasher, Charles Dasher, Nora Dasher (Gamble), John Ferrier, and Isabella Ferrier (Heller)
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I find this image when searching for the name Gamble can you elaborate on how this comes to be posted under Gamble?
Ken - If you click on "click here to see names", you will see that Mrs. Nora Dasher (Gamble) is listed as one of the people in the photo. -AncientFaces administration
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Eva M Dasher
Eva M Dasher was born on March 4, 1901. Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Eva M Dasher.
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