doc bland and arlie sue davis

dock bland and arlie sue davis founder of the first hospital in tulsa oklahoma fonder of the turkey track ranch along with wallace doolin and billy blair the first people to ship cattle per rail from ks. to saint louis and chiciago,the blair band ranch system broke up when the creek leases were opened up to sale by the federal gov. (unclaimed creek land was leased by the cattle men then it was taken away from the indians again and sold, 14,0000 head of wild cattle had to be moved no of the cimmeron river in 10 days, it was done, but bland and the other "rich Guys" as my grandfather called them got out of the cattle business, and the independent rancher in oklahoma was born, gone was the cow boy and the big money in the cattle business,today we eat chicken house beef and fear the tain of disease
but the goverment and the oil companies are the only one making money of indian land, the poor indians are not even getting paid for a cheap lease on ther unclaimed land ,,,,, i think this is called progess, and intimate domain u here both so much as a rancher used so many ways it get a little confusing but if a citizen did it it would be fraud under the law,
Date & Place: at dr doc james charles bland, in bland blair ranch latter 3- d now 7-d, Oklahoma
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Updated Nov 27, 2019

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