Dr.Thomas James Perry

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on Oct 28, 2003 12:00 AM
My GreatGrandFather Dr.Thomas James Perry. This was an old tintype photo probably taken when he graduated from Vanderbilt School of Medicine in Tennessee.
Date & Place: Unknown
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Hi Sherry,

I also have PERRYS from TN....SPARTA.
JAMES DEBRIX PERRY...b. 1864. His wife was CHRISTINE AMINTA BARGER...b. July 22, 1865, NASHVILLE, TN.

JAMES'S FATHER: WILLIAM (BILL) PERRY...b. abt. 1822, possibly TN. or VA.

JAMES DEBRIX & his wife CHRISTINE AMINTA migrated to TX., which is were one of their children...and my maternal grandmother NANCY MAE was born in 1896...WOLF CITY, HUNT CO., TX. They later moved north to OK....CHICKISHA AS WELL AS HOBART, KIOWA CO..
NANCY MAE m...CHARLEY EDWIN RILEY...March 15, 1915. They had three children, one being my mother, BETTY JEAN RILEY KINCAID...June 5, 1930...TOLLESON, MARICOPA CO., ARIZONA.

Have a great weekend.

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