Four Generations of the Ashendens, 1920s


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A snapshot of the Ashenden family found at a Texas antique store with other photos of the Ashenden family of Massachusetts. Description uploaded separately. The older baby on the left is identified as Richard Murray, but Richard apparently wasn't born until after his grandfather Daniel (holding the little boy) had died. I think the boy is therefore more likely to be Richard's brother Edward.

Left to right: Daniel C. Evans holding Edward Francis Murray; Eva (Ashenden) Murray, Thomas Edward Ashenden holding Harley Elizabeth (Frye) Fowler; Lillian (Ashenden) Frye-Lawton.
in Wakefield, Middlesex County, Massachusetts USA


Cecil Alexander Hyndman
Dec 13, 1893 - Feb 23, 1973
Berkeley, MI, USA
Frederick Wempworth Watson
Mar 24, 1894 - Aug 1, 1921
Edward Hyndman
1858 - 1949
Ernst James Schneider
Jun 25, 1936 - Sep 22, 2010
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