Four Unknown Photos

These four photos appear to be tin types. They are enclosed in a carved black case, lined with fabric. They were found in a collection of Whiteman a
Date & Place: Unknown
None / Unknown


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Jeannine Lemmon
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Paul Dport
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I have a picture of a stone that is in a private farm family STRODE cemetary in Jackson County Mo says:"JESSE WHITEMAN 1849-1912" Anyone searching for Him? There is about 30 Strode graves there with 1 WHITEMAN. Bet there is a story.
I find no Strode in A F . Paul
Feb 02, 2005 · Reply
Paul Roberts
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This people look like the could be part of the Kinney, Secord, Winchell and Lazarus families of McConnellsville, Morgan, Ohio. See [external link]
Aug 24, 2015 · Reply
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