Gammon Family

Lewis Larue and Mary Naomi Lentz Gammon with two of their children, Clara and Ella. Lewis Larue Gammon was born October 18, 1853 and died November 6, 1927 the son of James Wilkenson and Armilda Eliza Myers Gammon. Mary Naomi was born May 8, 1858 and died April 14, 1946 the daughter of Jacob Lewis and Jane Beavers Lentz. Ella was born in 1882 and Clara was born in 1891.
Date & Place: in Decatur County, Iowa USA
May 26, 1882 - Unknown
May 5, 1858 - Unknown
Oct 18, 1853 - Unknown
Jun 6, 1891 - Unknown

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Charlotte Jarrell
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My Great-Grandmother was Sarah Jane Gammon. Also I have found her as Sarah Jane Elizabeth Gammon. She Married John Lord who was from England. Indian. Thank You Charlotte Jarrell
Dec 13, 2003 · Reply
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