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George M Louthan Army Picture
Sergeant George M. Louthan 22nd US Infantry Army
First Enlisted 1-15-1908
2nd Enlistment 2-11-1911
3rd Enlistment 3-14-1914
Picture from a newspaper clipping stating that George M Louthan had served 10 years in the Army. Stationed in Texas and Mexico
Date & Place: at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas USA
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George M. Louthan
George M. Louthan was born circa May 15, 1883. Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember George M. Louthan.
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Justine Mobley
I am the great-grandaughter Agnes and George M. Louthan. They had three sons George, William & Robert. My Grandfather was William - he was born in What is now Texas - but was considered Mexico then. I am trying to find relatives.
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