Gladys C. Tippet

I've "rescued" three old photographs belonging to the TIPPIT or TIPPET Family of Michigan. The first is one of Gladys TIPPIT which was taken at the Eskil Studio in Iron Mountain, MI. The photograph appears to have been taken in the later 1890's or early 1900's with Gladys just an infant at the time. The second photograph is one of Sarah CUNDY TIPPET and was also taken at the Eskil Studio in Iron Mountain, MI, most likely in the 1890's. Sarah appears to be in her teens or 20's at the time. The third photograph is also one of Sarah CUNDY TIPPET, this one taken at the L. Winsor Studio in Champion, MI in the 1880's or 1890's with Sarah appearing to be in her teens.

Based on limited research I was able to locate the following information regarding this family:

Gladys C. TIPPET was b. Apr 1899 in Michigan to parents James Blight TIPPETT (1863-1906) and Sarah Jane CUNDY (b. 1876). Gladys’ parents were married in Iron Mountain, MI on 20 Apr 1898 listing their parents as Thomas TIPPETT and Mathilda BLIGHT and Thomas CUNDY and Emma HILL. Gladys had one sibling, a sister Iva Mathilda TIPPETT (1900-1901). Gladys married John F. JOHNS (b. 1899) and together they had one child. In 1930 Gladys was living in Detroit, MI.

Census records provide the following details:

1880 census of Champion, MI:

Thomas CUNDY, age 28, a Miner, born England, parents born England
Emma CUNDY, wife, age 26, Keeping House, born MI, parents born England
Mary CUNDY, dau, age 7, at School, born MI
Hiram CUNDY, son, age 6, at School, born MI
Sarah CUNDY, dau, age 4, born MI

1900 census of Iron Mountain, MI:

James TIPPET, age 36, born Sept 1863, married 2 years, born NJ, parents born England, a Blacksmith
Sarah TIPPET, wife, age 23, born Jul 1876, married 2 years, 1 child/1 living, born MI, parents born England
Gladys C. TIPPET, dau, age 1, born Apr 1899, born MI
+ 1 Boarder + 1 Servant

I'm hoping to return these photographs to family and would appreciate you contacting me if you are a member of the family, or you know someone who might be.

Date & Place: in Iron Mountain, Dickinson County, Michigan United States
1899 - Unknown 1899 - ?

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