Herb and Anna Larkes Lawler

I've "rescued" an old photograph of Anna LARKES LAWLER and Herb which appears to have been taken in the early 1900's. Herb is just an infant and Anna appears to be in her 20's at the time. Anna is noted as "Roberta's Mother" and the names Herbert, Roberta, and Le Roy are also written on the back of the photograph. Based on limited research I was able to gather the following information regarding Anna and Herb:

Anna M. LARKES LAWLER was b. 21 Sept 1891 in Pittsburgh, PA to parents John LARKES and Josephine J. SCHULTZ (1873-1940). Anna married George LAWLER and they had a son George Edward LAWLER b. 17 Jul 1915 in East St. Louis, IL who died 24 Aug 1923 in East St. Louis and is buried in the cemetery where his Mother is also buried. Anna died 1 Dec 1921 in East St. Louis, IL and is buried in the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Belleville, IL.

Anna’s son Herbert LAWLER was b. 1912 in Illinois and married Sylvia M. VERMEERSCH (b. 1911 or 1915-d. 1946) and they had a daughter, Barbara Mae LAWLER (1935-2002). His sister Roberta was b. in 1915.

Census records provide the following details:

1920 census of East St. Louis, IL:

George LAWLER, age 33, born KY, parents born Canada/IN, Owns Saloon
Anna LAWLER, wife, age 29, born PA, parents born USA/Poland
Herbert LAWLER, son, age 8, born IL
Roberta LAWLER, dau, age 5, born IL
George LAWLER, son, age 4 years + 2 months, born IL
David LAWLER, son, age 10 months, born IL

1930 census of East St. Louis, IL:

William A. WOOD, age 57, married 22 years, born MI, parents born NY/OH, an Auto Garage Owner
Josephine WOOD, wife, age 56, married 22 years, born Germany, parents born Germany, to USA 1869
Herbert LAWLER, grandson, age 18, born IL, parents born KY/PA
LeRoy LAWLER, grandson, age 7, born IL, parents born KY/PA

1930 census of Chicago, IL:

Tim FRANCES, age 45, married at age 24, born IL, parents born Ireland, a Railroad Rep. (not sure why his surname is different – maybe it should be Tim Frances FAHEY)
Marie FAHEY, wife, age 43, married at age 22, born KY, parents born Canada/KY
Roberta LAWLER, niece, age 15, born IL, parents born KY/PA
Mary FAHEY, adopted dau, age 14, born IL, parents born IL/KY
Robert FAHEY, adopted son, age 13, born IL, parents born IL/KY

1940 census of East St. Louis, IL:

Herbert LAWLER, age 25, born IL, a Police Dept. Vehicle Inspector
Sylvia LAWLER, wife, age 27, born IL
Barbara LAWLER, dau, age 4, born IL
+ 1 Servant

I am hoping to find someone from this LAWLER Family so that this precious old photograph can be returned to the family. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.

Date & Place:
1912 - Unknown

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