Hollis Frederick 'Fred' Kroetch, Washington 1928

Updated Jun 17, 2022
Pam Marks
Pam Marks shared a photo
on May 05, 2001 12:00 AM
Hollis F. 'Fred' Kroetch in 1928 Washington state, the son of Hollis "Joe" Kroetsch & Dorothy (Ferguson) Kroetch. Named after his father and his uncle Fred Kroetch; both descendants of Joseph Kroetsch & Angeline Chartrand.
Date & Place: in Washington United States of America

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AncientFaces commented on Mar 10, 2019
Little Fred Kroetch (pronounced 'crutch') in 1928 Washington state. We really don't know the story behind this photo...were his parents just having fun dressing him up? Or was it Halloween? He was 3 years old in the picture, and this particular photo has always been a family treasure of ours. Since my grandparents and his siblings (4) are long deceased, we can't ask them why Uncle Fred is smoking a cigar and wearing a hat and suit! 🙁 He did die of lung cancer, but I never saw him smoke a cigar! Fred had a long, good life even though - as happened often at the time - his mother died when he was 7. We've started building his biography but still have so much to share about him.
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