Jose Leon Gil

Updated Aug 24, 2022
Kathy Gregory shared a photo
on Jan 01, 2001 12:00 AM
A photo of Jose Leon Gil. Jose was a Scottish mercenary soldier, went to Madrid, Spain, Latinized his name from McGill to Gil. Shown in full Scottish regalia.

Jose Leon Gil (McGill) was born in Scotland abt 1795. He was a soldier of fortune, a mercenary,choosing to go to Madrid, Spain where he met his wife Lousa Allos. Their firstborn was Jose Maria Gil, b.1821 in Madrid. There may have been other children, but to date, we do not know who they are. This family removed to Mexico abt 1830-1835. About 1850, their son Jose Maria went to California to seek his fortune during the Gold Rush. Apparently he did well, and bought farmland in Jolon, Monterey Co., CA. His parents remained behind in Erongaricuaro, Michoacan,Mexico. Not much more is known about Jose Leon or his wife Lousa. Please contact me if you have further info. regarding this Gil (McGill) family. Thank you.
Date & Place: Unknown

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