Joshua Tyler Holbrook 1994 - 2021 Kentucky moment please
Joshua Tyler Holbrook 1994 - 2021 Kentucky

Joshua Tyler Holbrook
29 Jul 1994
6 Apr 2021 (aged 26)
Burial Details Unknown
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Joshua Tyler Holbrook, 26, of Hustonville passed away on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. Born July 29, 1994, he was the son of Larry (Laura) Holbrook and Tabitha McCarty (Troy) Teague.
Tyler loved to be outdoors. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, kayaking, and riding four-wheelers. He loved music and playing the guitar.
In addition to his parents, he is survived by a daughter, Ava Tyler Holbrook of Hustonville; sisters: Hanna (Brennan) Case of Floyd County, Lexie (AJ) Carkner of Washington, and Gracee Teague of Hustonville; maternal grandparents, Larry and Chrissy Sapp of Danville; and paternal grandmother, Sue Collins Holbrook of Hustonville. He was preceded in death by his paternal grandfather, Larry Dean Holbrook ().
Visitation is 5-8 pm, Friday at Danville Church of God, 516 South Fourth Street, Danville, KY. Funeral Service will be at 11am, Sat. at the Church of God.
Date & Place: Not specified or unknown.
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Debby Stevens
I'm a Christian, and I'm a daughter of Allan B. Holbrook, now in heaven. My married name is Debby Stevens.
My parents, Allan and Marie, were devout Christians, and had 10 children. They were both school teachers, but Mom quit teaching at public school after marriage. But both Mom and Dad home-schooled us all - starting when I was in 1st grade - that's when they came to the decision to home-school us. Dad earned an income through being an English teacher here in Traverse City, for man years. Dad started some Bible meetings that took place in the homes of friends of ours and in our own. He was the main teacher in it, and it was in a discoursing style - he would talk about spiritual things with the fathers of the families, each time, and all the children of the families would sit and listen to it all.
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