Leslie Allen Jordan

Updated Oct 31, 2022
Kathy Pinna
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on Oct 24, 2022 5:57 PM
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AncientFaces commented on Oct 25
Yesterday, 67 year old actor, singer, and writer Leslie Allen Jordan (1955 - 2022) suffered a "medical emergency" while he was driving, and died when his car crashed into a wall.

You might know Leslie from 'Will & Grace' although he had 133 other acting credits to his name, and is well known on Instagram.

Growing up as an openly gay man in Tennessee - and a Southern Baptist - Leslie's comic side showed when he discussed that time of his life. He said "I was baptized 14 times. Every time the preacher would say, 'Come forward, sinners!' I'd say 'Oooh, I was out in the woods with that boy, I better go forward.'"

The boy born in the sedate 1950s to a Tennessee Southern Baptist family made it through life on his own terms - and made us all laugh with his offbeat sense of humor. You'll be missed but always remembered. RIP Leslie.
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