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Updated Aug 25, 2022


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Ruth Thoden commented on Sep 01, 2008
JOHN JORDAN born 6 Mar 1764 WHERE I KNOW NOT. He died 26 Jan 1850 Pike, Wyoming Co, NY, but buried in family lot in Friendship, Allegany Co., NY. He married 15 Sep 1785 probably in or near Goshen, Orange NY Julia SWARTOUT born 18 Nov 1769 daughter of Jacobus SWARTOUT who before and during the Revolution lived in Sugar Loaf which is now in town of Chester, Orange Co., NY but then in town of Warwick, Orange Co., NY. Following children born to John and Julia: Michael 1786 in Orange Co; William 1788; Jesse 1790; James 1791; John 1792; Andrew; 1795; Betsey 1797; Isaiah 1799; Sally (Patty) 1801; JACOB 1803; (my gg grandfather) Julia Margaret 1805; Unnamed son 1807 at which time Julia probably died because she does not appear in 1810 census. John/Julia do not appear in the 1790 census of NYS in their own home with two sons nor have I found them in PA, NJ or any N.E. state. By 1800, JORDAN family residing in Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., NY. From there, Michael, William and Jesse settled in and died in Steuben Co. James and John settled town of Cuba, Allegany Co., NY; Isaiah, after living with his brother, Michael in Steuben Co., migrated on to Allegany Co and he and brothers Andrew and JACOB settled in town of Wirt of Allegany Co., NY. Betsey (Elizabeth) Jordan married Sebastion WELLER and lived in Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., NY. Sally married John DYGERT and lived in Montgomery Co, NY. Julia Margaret married Charles PHELPS, migrated to Pike, Wyoming Co. and it was at her home that JOHN died in 1850. In 1840, JOHN JORDAN is still residing at Cherry Valley but by 1848 has migrated to town of Wirt and because he died before 1850 census was taken, it has been family tradition that he lived with his son, JACOB, but his will probate states he died at home of his daughter in Wyoming Co., NY I descend from son Jacob Jordan who married 1824 Phebe Mulford at Ashbury Methodist Episcopal Church, Albany, NY but believe ceremony performed in Cherry Valley, Otsego Co, NY by circuit riding pastor. John J. Jordan was born to Jacob and Phebe; married Almira M. Davie 7 Fe 1849 in Bolivar, Allegany Co, NY. John's father, Jacob, with his family had migrated to town of Wirt in Allegany Co, NY. Born to John J. Jordan and his wife was Cassius M. Jordan who married 1 Jun 1891 in Clarksville, Allegany Co, NY Ida Lucretia Kingsbury. Born to Cassius and Ida on January 14, 1914 in Clarksville was their 12th child, Herbert W. Jordan, my beloved father who passed in 1993. I have attained my 73rd birthday last month and have searched from "whence I came" since I was 15 years of age. How I pray I can find before my time is over to learn the ancestors of John Jordan and Julia Swarthout. Ruth JORDAN Thoden
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