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Dr. Manschardt also compiled a few pages of notes on the Looney family, an old distinguished associated family of the Renfros. A very knowledgable descendant of the Looneys can be emailed at [contact link] or visit [external link].. A couple of researchers speculated that Stephen Renfro, Jr. (ca 1736) was from the 2nd marriages of Margaret Rhea Looney (Robert, Jr's widow) & Stephen Renfro, Sr.; however, Stephen Jr's. birthdate precedes the marriage of Stephen, Sr. & Margaret unless there is other documentation which has not been produced. DCox-Halls Crossroads
Date & Place: at Looney in United States
None / Unknown


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Barbara Looney
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Barbara Looney
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I am very interested in seeing the website mentioned here and speaking with the descendant knowledgable of the Looney family. Please contact me. I am of the Peter Looney line from the Absolem will. Of interest, while working in DC a while back I made best friends with a Caldwell from Culpepper, VA. Strange how history repeats, eh? [contact link]
Feb 08, 2005 · Reply
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