Marie Coon, Born 30 Sep 1903, Daughter of Arlie C. and Lelia (Murray) Coon

Marie was born 30 Sep 1903 in Colorado, but unfortunately, her mother died 28 April 1906 and her father died 25 Oct 1911. In March of 1911, her sister Annette aka Nettie was taken by her grandfather James Ellison Murray from home to live with her father's sister, Mrs. George (Alice) Jess, in Randolph, Wisconsin, while Marie continued to live with her grandparents. After the death of her grandmother, Elizabeth Melissa (Carl) Murray, in 1918, Marie was raised by her maternal Aunt Clara (Murray) Dearing and her husband, Charles Dearing, who also had Clara's father James in her home in Idaho. Later the family moved but Marie remained behind, and married Joseph Greenwood. She never had children. I want to thank Kristin Smith ([contact link]) for this picture.
Date & Place: in Utah USA
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Updated Apr 20, 2020

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