Masonic Home

This is where the children of Granville D. Roach resided after his death in 1932. The Masonic Home and School in Fort Worth, Texas. Five sons and a daughter.
Date & Place: at Masonic Home & School?, in Fort Worth, Texas USA
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Helen Duhaylonsod
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Terry Nichols
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Kim Busch
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Terry Nichols
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This is a picture of the little boys building at The Masonic Home, but it is not in Houston, Texas; it is in Fort Worth, Texas. This building was torn down in 1983.
Jan 13, 2004 · Reply
Kim Busch
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My father and his older brother grew up at the home. My Dad was friends with Buster Roach and played football at the home. He put together a scrapbook with photos of the football team, etc.
Oct 26, 2008 · Reply
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