My Great Great Grandmother Haun or Hahn, my Great Grandmother Eliza Emily Mowery or Mowrer Johnson with Great Aunts and Uncle on my Dad's Father's side. Family resemblance? I think so!!

Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith shared a photo
on Sep 16, 2021 12:49 AM
My Dad's Father (my Grandpa) William Herbert Johnson's Mothers family. Back row, R to L: Sarah Ellen Mowery Campbell, Elizabeth Frances Mowery, Jacob Henry Mowery, Eliza Emily Mowery Johnson Coffman (my Great Grandmother Johnson) and Lettie Mowery Mull. Catharine Haun Mowery, my Great Great Grandmother, and Elizabeth Frances. I have to track these relatives in my mind based on who I actually remember. So, my Dad's Father, my Grandpa Johnson's Mother is Eliza Emily Mowery Johnson Coffman; so my Grandpa Johnson's Grandma is Catherine Haun or Hahn, and other iterations of the name...from Germany/France depending on what year! Like the early years in our country, Europe also changed their borders from time to time.
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