Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Updated Jan 27, 2020
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A photo of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France circa 1901

Believed to be built on the site of a Temple to Jupiter and then an early Christian basilica, building began on the cathedral in 1160 and took a century to (mostly) complete. Many of the materials from the previous churches were used in the construction of the new cathedral. Over the centuries, there were additions and modifications in the building but the basic structure has remained mainly the same. The most famous stained glass windows date from the 1200s.

- A cathedral school opened in Notre Dame in 1170, decades later becoming the University of Paris.

- A Third Crusade was announced from the cathedral.

- Henry VI of England was crowned King of France in Notre Dame.

- James V of Scotland was married there, as were Mary Queen of Scots and Henry IV of France.

- Victor Hugo set his novel "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" in the cathedral.

- Napoleon had his coronation in Notre Dame, presided over by Pope Pius VII.

The cathedral has been the home of innumerable pieces of valuable art and religious artifacts and a center of Paris for over 850 years.
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AncientFaces commented on Apr 16, 2019
859 years ago, construction began on the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. At that time, Genghis Khan was born (as was supposedly Robin Hood), Thomas Becket was Archbishop of Canterbury, the Crusades were still being fought. The cathedral has seen - and been a part of - so much history!
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