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Pamela Renee "Pam" Tuttle at 2 1/2 years old in the summer of 1969 at her grandparents, Beulah F (Parsley) and Versell E Tuttle's house. The daughter of Terry Ann Cook and Elvin Charles Tuttle. The stepdaughter of James "Jimmy" Bradley.
This was the summer that Pam and her mother, Terry watched the first moon landing together on television in July. Since Pam was only 2 years old she didn't understand it because she thought there were already people on the moon and also a witch on the moon (probably from watching movies, TV shows and cartoons of people on the moon). One of her favorite books around that time was a book about a witch on Halloween. This was also the summer that Pam's mother, Terry and Jimmy got together in August when he got back from the U.S. Army and the fighting in Vietnam.
in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio USA


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