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I’ve “rescued” two photographs of Ruth WHITE which were taken at “The Coronet” Nightclub in Philadelphia, PA sometime in the 1940’s. Cab Callaway’s band was playing at the club that night and Ruth was photographed with a soldier (army uniform I believe). The night was May 15th but I don’t know the year. The couple appears to be in their 20’s at the time. Neither have wedding rings on so I don’t believe they are a married couple. Ruth’s name appears on the back of the folder with the phone number Neb-9706 and an address that looks like 3329 Patter St. (street name is tough to make out).

A second address also it written on the folder, it is 2806 Tylor St. (again street name is tough to read). I’m guessing that the second address belongs to the man in the photograph, just not sure. I’d love to return the photographs to family and would appreciate you contacting me if you are a member of this family or know someone who might be.

in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA United States


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