San Francisco Earthquake

Updated Jun 24, 2021
Tom Sturgeon shared a photo
on Oct 02, 2004 12:00 AM
San Francisco April 20/06

2:30 P.M. corner of Market and 7th St.

We got across the bay on a relief boat as a committee to hand out bread and meat to the unfornate (unfortunate). there is only two Building standing as a whole and they are the mint- and P.O.

I am with John Ryan
have not seen or heard of any folks yet are on our way to where they lived will write again tonight-
J Builkie

Written on the side of the letter:

Earthquake he??

found the folks O.K.

(next two words unclear) april

21!! 10110 pretty (next word is unclear)

Worn out:

This cause (?) later

The letter is addressed to:

Mrs. J. B. (unclear)
Yuba City

Post marks:

Sent: San Francisco Cal
April 20 3PM

Received: Yuba City Cal
April 22 6AM

The letter is on aged paper that has been folded and used as the envelope mailed in. The back side of the paper is a postal from used by postal carriers to track time.
Date & Place: in Yuba City, California United States

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