Swedes in Chicago, Illinois about 1930

These people are probably Swedes and could be called Erickson or related to the Ericksons. The photo belongs to a Swedish man who spent a couple of years in Chicago. He had a cousin there called Oscar Erickson. It could be him on this photo with his wife and child, if so, his wife was called Agnes Erickson (born Lundgren). They were both from northern Sweden and emigrated to the US about 1922. Oscar died in the 80´s and Agnes in the 70´s.
I know it is hard to do, but it would be lovely if this couple could be identified! Or the man who stands to the left and the little boy by his side.
Grateful for all help!
Greetings from Sweden
Margaretha Johansson
Date & Place: at Chicago, , in Cook, Illinois USA
None / Unknown


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Margaretha Johansson
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