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There really isn't much that I know about my Great Grandfather Charles Erickson except he is originally from Denmark and he married my Gr-Grandmother Catherine "Katie" Johncox and they had 5 children; 4 boys and 1 girl. My grandma was the girl in that family and her name was Karen. Other than that, I know that my grandfather was scheduled to fly back to visit his family in Denmark at one time, but he stopped in New York and returned back to Washington State where we still live (same state that is). My grandma never spoke about her Danish heritage much, but kept in contact with her first cousin Wilhelm from Copenhagen and Wilhelm's niece Lone. Wilhelm and Lone came to the US for a visit 20 years ago. I wish we could reunite with family members of my Gr-grandfather, or at least know who they were. If anyone knows of anything please drop me a line at [contact link]


Aug 22, 2008 · Reply