The Randall Cummings Family

Updated Jul 09, 2018

This is a picture my Gram gave me of her Family Line.

If you know anyone who is not identified please let me know so I can edit it.

Men 1st Row and Grandma:
Alvah Randall Cummings, ? , ? , Little Fannie Elizabeth Cummings, Byron Augustus Cummings, Randall Cummings and Fannie Lizzie Wheeler

Men 2nd Row:
George Richardson (holding), ?, David Frost Cummings, Stephen Edson Cummings (Uncle Ed), ?, ?, Elbridge True Cummings

Women - in no particular order (if you know which one is which please let me know)
Martha, Mary, Myra, Margaret and Minnie

Any more information you may have would be great. Thanks

Can you help answer this question?
Who are the missing names, where was this taken and when, and any other information about this Family.

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