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Wheeler Last Name History & Origin

Updated Jul 29, 2020


my mother was born a wheeler because her dad bill wheeler was her father but this story about nominee mitts bill was her first husband and yes she was my grand mother Susan always believe she was going to get rich off of this family I always told her to leave them alone but she never would she convince tammy wheeler they are related lying about her prison times she went to prison twice in new Mexico scan people like this I believe they called raquiting some thing like that no I don't have the education yes you can tell I tried to tell Paul about Susan crimes him and his daughter tammy refuse to believe me its okay I don't care I do care about my not sister Susan getting by with breaking the law and she has done that and much more tammy once ask me to help get her out of jail I refused because all she ever done was make up lies about me so I really don't care what happen to her I am not bitter I just don't want her hurting others like the wheeler family so god bless take care and do a back ground check on those you let close to you please

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Early Wheelers

These are the earliest records we have of the Wheeler family.

1510 - Unknown
1614 - Jun 11, 1673
1614 - 1668
1618 - c. 1670
1620 - Apr 21, 1687
1620 - Unknown
1628 - Feb 24, 1672
1655 - 1655
1658 - Feb 7, 1712
1684 - 1727

Wheeler Family Tree

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Wheeler Biographies

Unknown - Unknown
Apr 7, 1899 - May 1977
Dec 23, 1916 - Mar 11, 2008
Mar 12, 1928 - Oct 2, 1992
Sep 29, 1911 - May 28, 2001
Aug 20, 1921 - Dec 13, 1999
Nov 6, 1884 - June 1980
Sep 13, 1884 - March 1973
Jan 6, 1928 - Jan 29, 2004
Oct 30, 1915 - August 1982
Jan 30, 1922 - Dec 31, 1998
Jun 23, 1905 - December 1983
Sep 16, 1884 - May 15, 1972
Aug 22, 1909 - December 1980
Jul 30, 1898 - September 1985
c. 1948 - Unknown
Dec 31, 1969 - Oct 28, 1967
Unknown - Unknown
c. 1915 - Unknown

Wheeler Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Wheeler family member is 70.4 years old according to our database of 50,981 people with the last name Wheeler that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

70.4 years

Oldest Wheelers

These are the longest-lived members of the Wheeler family on AncientFaces.

Apr 12, 1849 - September 1971
122 years
Oct 7, 1876 - January 1987
110 years
Mar 9, 1887 - Mar 29, 1995
108 years
Sep 25, 1903 - Mar 18, 2011
107 years
Nov 15, 1898 - Dec 4, 2004
106 years
Dec 6, 1875 - February 1982
106 years
Jul 22, 1874 - April 1981
106 years
Oct 9, 1884 - Oct 25, 1990
106 years
Oct 16, 1884 - Jun 14, 1991
106 years
Aug 27, 1894 - Feb 4, 1999
104 years

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Garry Griffin
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My name is Garry Griffin. My mother was Hettie Elmer Wheeler born Cloudy, OK, 1911 & died in McAlester,Oklahoma, 2002. Her father was Abraham Wheeler unknown where born & died. Died in 1918. Her mother was Rose Wheeler Standridge, Born Jan. 5, 1892 & died Nov. 11, 1977 in McAlester, OK. His, Abraham's, father was John Charles Wheeler born in Texas appx. 1868. Died appx. 1917. He was married to Serilda Jane (Janey)S.J. Scott who was born in McKinney, TX, appx 1869. Died 11/02/194, Antlers, OK. Any information on this lineage would be appreciated. Email: ggriffin_76208@yahoo.com
Mar 30, 2007 · Reply
George Johnson
1 favorite
I was somewhat surprised to find the 1880 United States Census listing my maternal Grandfather as George E. Wheeler, age 2. I was surprised because I had always known him by the surname of Jackson. The Census also listed my Grandfather's brother as Thomas J. Wheeler, age 3. Further investigation revealed that their father was a man who was referred to as, "Old Tom Wheeler" the pack peddlar. The 1880 Census for Ross County, Liberty Township, Ohio listed a Thomas J. Wheeler, age 48, occupation, "Huckster". One of the definitions of Huckster is "Peddlar". My Grandfather and his brother were a out of wedlock issue. I believe the old "Pack Peddlar's" full name was Thomas Jefferson Wheeler. I do believe I found my Great Grandfather. The area was right, the occupation was right and I had been told that my Great Uncle Thomas Jefferson Wheeler was named for his father. I never knew why my Grandfather and his brother later rejected the Wheeler surname and assumed the surname of their mother. I suppose the out of wedlock issued was the reason. George L. Johnson
Dec 02, 2007 · Reply
Susan Horttor
1 favorite
hello my name is susan horttor and my story is about two sisters who's names were ollie cathryn bryant and laura bryant.These two sisters married two brothers who's names were buel wheeler and edgar wheeler.both families lived in adair kentucky but something terrible happened to the sisters.ollie and laura for some reason their children were taken away from them.i don't the reason but if anyone can tell my about what happen to them.because ollie cathryn bryant was my grandmother.and neither of should have lost their kids i don't care if there was a deppression at the time.because of what happen to them has effected me and my mother who was raised by a woman who refused to say anything i had to learn about them when neoma wheeler passed away in 1992 in ft.worth texas her name at the time was nan mitts so please if any one is related to peter bryant and his family or if anyone is related to ed wheeler and mary tabor please contact me either by e-mail suevicang@yahoo.com or by phone 575-740-4044 please help me to find out about my family.
thank you
susan horttor
Jul 28, 2008 · Reply

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