Victor Larson

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Victor Larson
I've "rescued" an old photograph of Victor LARSON of Wisconsin which was taken at the Reynolds Studio in Decorah, IA on the occasion of his graduation. Victor appears to be in his 20's at the time the photograph was taken. In addition to his name, someone has written "Cardinal Gibbons" on the back the photograph. I suspected that Victor might have been a graduate of Luther College in Decorah, IA as another photograph recovered from the same source belonged to a member of the Luther College class of 1911. In researching the college yearbooks I do find Victor Ferdinand LARSON in the Class of 1911.

Based on limited research I was able to locate the following information regarding Victor and his family:

Reverend Victor Ferdinand LARSON was b. 26 Mar 1888 in Stoughton, WI to parents Torstein Davidhaug Tosten LARSON (1853-1946) and Susanna or Susannah O. BOLSTAD (1866-1945). Victor was one of 7 children born to this couple including, Victor Ferdinand; Lucille E. or Suceil; Seline or Saline “Sally” Olive; Arnold Odean or Odien; Thelma Eveline or Evelyn Maybelle; Bernice Adeline; and Nordahl or Nordal Sanford LARSON, all born between 1888 and 1905. Victor was married twice, first to Hattie Mabel MUELLER MILLER (b. 1886 in Illinois-d. 1921) about 1915 in Winnebago Co., IA and second to Regina SKORPEN (b. Apr 1885 in Iowa-d. 1979) on 20 Sept 1922 in Barnes Co., ND.

Victor had a total of four children with his first wife Hattie including Ruth Lucille LARSON (1915-2006); Marjorie Harriet LARSON (1919-2002); and Edward Norman LARSON (b. 4 May 1921 in Valley City, ND-d.1996). Victor died 25 Apr. 1988 in De Smet, SD.

I am hoping to locate someone from this LARSON Family so that the photograph can be returned to the care of family. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.

Date & Place: in Decorah, Winneshiek County, Iowa 52101, United States
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Victor Ferdinand Larson
Victor Ferdinand Larson was born on March 26, 1888, and died at age 100 years old on April 25, 1988. Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Victor Ferdinand Larson.
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