Zachariah Thomas Mackey Hargis

Updated Nov 18, 2020
Kelly Sullivan shared a photo
on Jan 07, 2017 3:46 PM
A photo of Zachariah Thomas Mackey Hargis. The Year he wrote his ballad. He is 50 years old in this photo. Zack was a showman in Side shows and Circuses. In fact he was the first Wildman of Borneo for PT Barnum, though he is not the person they gave the title to at the PT Barnum Museum. He and PT had a parting of ways, and the man Zack trained is the one in the Museum. I have photos of Zack and him, together playing wresting wildmen. Zack was the son of Zachariah John Beckham Hargis and Mary Ette Mackey. He was born February 16, 1884 in Missouri, and died June 16, 1962 in Perris, California on or near his Side show attraction called "Snake Island" where he had his home. He was married to Lillian Johnson and they had at least three children: Hazel, Arnold and Anita.
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AncientFaces commented on Jan 12, 2017
The first Wildman of Borneo for PT Barnum, he lived a fascinating life! (Click on his name on the source page to see other photos)
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