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Updated Jan 25, 2021


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( Rev Aug 2005) ****************

JOHN BALL , b. abt 1765 , Culpeper ,Co.VA. and his wife Nancy (believed to be Chapman),
Migrated to Kanawha Co. VA. in 1797.They were the parents of at least eight known children.
These include the five brothers , John Wesley , Henry Washington , Isaac Munson , Zachariah , and
Cadwallinder , Nancy , m. David McGuire , Lucy m. Jacob Brayn (t) , and Jinnie that m. George Keaton.
Cabell County Deed Book 10 , page 308 , mentions a tract of land containing 85 acres patented by John Ball ther 16 Apr 1812 situated in the County of Cabell , on Rock Camp Creek , a branch of Mud River.
Deed Book 1 , page 246 shows the purchase of 60 acres of land by John Ball on Rock Camp Creek in 1813.
Will Book 1 , page 53 , Cabell County , gives a partial apprisal of the John Ball estate , indicating that
He must have died about 1825.Census records of 1850 show Nancy Ball, age 80 , living with son Isaac
M Ball family.
Abigail (Ball) Frazier , b. 1835 , died 1912 , often emphasized as other members of the family , that this Ball line was related to George Washingtons mother Mary Ball , d/o Joseph .Washingtons maternal Great Grandfather Col. William Ball was married three times , no doubt the descent stems from one of the sons , though at this time it is not known exactly how this progression concludes.

******** note*********
DNA testing on John R BALL a descendant of John and Nancy , shows that there is a connection to Col William Ball’s line.
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