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Wendy Palmer commented on Mar 29, 2008
My 8g-grandmother Lydia Russell was married to William Bean. Lydia was captured by the Cherokee Indians. Lucky for Lydia Nan-yehi (Beloved Woman of the Cherokee) got to her before the Cherokee could set Lydia on fire. Nan-yehi also know as Nancy Ward, untied Lydia from the stake. Lydia taught Nancy to set up a loom and to make clothes. Lydia brought some cattle to Nancy and taught her how to make butter and cheese. Nancy taught others so the Cherokee would not be dependent upon the traders.
The Cherokee Indians began to get large herds of cattle and this caused the Cherokee to become slave holders. I guess my 8g-grandmother thought she was doing a good thing but it turned out to be a bad thing in my eyes. I do not believe in any type of slavery of all races.
Lydia was noted as having given birth to the first white child of Tennessee.
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