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Benson Last Name History & Origin

Updated Oct 15, 2021


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Name Origin

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Spellings & Pronunciations

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Nationality & Ethnicity

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Famous People named Benson

Edward White Benson, former Archbishop of Canterbury;
E.F Benson, author;
A.C. Benson, author of lyrics of Land of Hope and Glory;
Sir Frank Benson, actor manager;
Richard Anthony Benson QC, advocate, author and racconteur.

Early Bensons

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Benson Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Benson family member is 71.1 years old according to our database of 36,699 people with the last name Benson that have a birth and death date listed.


Other Benson Records


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Collette Watson commented on Aug 04, 2009
My grandpa Elbert Benson father was murdered when he was 2 years old. His 12 year old brother at the time name is Clyde(who eventually lived in Frenchburg, KY and had around 15 kids) anyway Clyde talked there mother into giving the two youngest up for adoption. That was my grandfather and twin sister Emma. Were not exactly sure if they kept the benson name or if that was their adopted name. I also know their was Albert and Modd. So if there is any information out ther and your willing to share please e-mail me at [contact link]
Paula Benson-Adcock commented on Aug 04, 2009
My Great-Great Grandparents were married after William H.came home from the Civil War. Williams first wife ( Thurzy Prickett Benson) had passed away. William and Thurzy had two daughterss: Mary and Etta. William and Lousia had nine children: Elvin-William Alva-Rachel I.-George-Laura Ann-Benjamin-James&Thomas (twins), and Elsie. I would like to now about William H's parents. His mother was Katherine Hardmen, and his father name was Charles. They were married in Ripley co Indiana. From what I can Tell Charles passed away, because in the 1850 Boone Co indiana census she was head of house, and her father in law Charles was living with her at the time he was around 7? years old. William H had brothers: George W.-Daniel-and Joseph.
Kaela Strawder commented on Dec 18, 2019
Hi I'm a benson I. Got adopted I m doing are family tree My real dad is mark benson sr and his paul f benson and his dad is Ralph sr benson and his dad is louis or Lewis Benson I been on family search saw both names and same people etc Louis is from Sweden and I'm still lookimg for his paernts etc they are from canton ohio stark county could any help or know them or something
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