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My great-grandmother Clarkey Biggs was born in Rockfish Village, Hope Mills,Cumberland Co.
North Carolina,July 1,1837,she died in Johnston Co.North Carolina November 12,1905.To this date I can not find any parents for her.My great-grandfather Levi Ennis was born in Cumberland Co. North carolina abt. 1834,he died May 14,1902 in Johnston Co.North Carolina.
They met and were married in Cumberland Co.North Carolina. They moved at some point to Johnston Co.,[external link] has them living in Elevation,Grove,Dunn and Smithfield, North Carolina.During their marriage, Clarkey gave birth to several children, 8 of them lived.
David Levi Ennis, June 4,1861, Mary J. Ennis, 1864,Nancy A. Ennis, Polly A.Ennis,Doctor Ennis,
1870,Leonas 1874,LeDaniel Ennis 1876, John L.Ennis. These are their children. David Levi,
was my grandfather,his child,Hubert Carson, was my father.My family tree on Clarkey Biggs
side, stops at her name until I can find her parents, can anyone help?
Apr 16, 2010 · Reply