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Updated Nov 09, 2022


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Julie Hudson commented on Jan 01, 2010
I can only go back to my great, great grandmother, Abigail Hall, who married Giles Bowers in 1832. Their son was Jonathan Alexander Bowers, a well respected magistrate who took his political and service duties very seriously. He rode to court one cold and rainy evening on his horse, and caught a very bad cold which turned into pneumonia. He did not recover from the pneumonia, and when he died, he left his wife, Nancy Adeline Russell Bowers, alone to care for their several children. These children were Susan Christiana, Jada Elmina, Martin Giles, Julie , and perhaps a boy named John. Martin Giles Bowers became a Tennessee State Representative and was greatly respected in the community of Buena Vista, Tn. His wife was named Eva Kee Bowers, and they had five daughters. They were Kathleen, Charlotte, Mable , Clara Lee. and a very smart lady who was a good mathematician, whom I will name later. She did many folks' income taxes in the area. Charlotte, who was nicknamed Lottie, was a very smart and funny lady whose children were my brother's good friends. Lottie was my and my mother's good friend. Her daughters were flower girls in my first wedding. Lottie married Charles Rodgers and they lived in Memphis, Tn.
Miss Eva was a very funny lady too. She kept me in stitches with her funny stories. She and her husband, Martin Giles Bowers, entertained many friends in the community, providing warm company, good food, and entertainment. Martin Giles was also a farmer and provided good food and a beautiful home in the style of "Tara" for his family. I was sad when their magnificent home burned down, after Martin Giles' death.
Martin Giles Bowers was the brother of my grandmother, Jada Bowers Butler. My Bowers family were very high achievers, and I admire them!
My grandmother was a postmistress, a teacher, a store owner, as well as the mother of eight children. She loved her garden and her flowers, even tending to this garden in the latter stages of cancer, in her eighties. Sincerely, Julie Fondren Hudson (a Bowers descendant)
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